10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

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    Interesting and quite entertaining video! I never thought such things can be done to eggs. Now I know the trick how to make an egg stand, its pretty simple. All the other tricks are just amazing. It can be used during a kiddies birthday, or to impress someone.

    But I will not definitely try those things. They’re fun, but you’re wasting eggs. Better cook the egg and eat it.

    Any way, thanks for the video, I know many people liked it very much.

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    That was amazing but dangerous. I am not really into science thing but I find his boldness in Egg Experiments so awesome! I really like when he trying to shoot all the 4 or 5 eggs to each container in just one move. That was cool and playful! Hahaha 🙂 I didn’t know as well that egg can stand alone if it has salt underneath of it. That was a new discovery for me. Unlike, hard boiled egg slipping down to a hot bottle, I already saw that to one of the kid science show on television. But overall, even though I think that almost all of his Egg Experiments are dangerous, it is still educational enough at its scientific side.

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    This tricks just made my day. I have actually learned a lot. I am going to try some at home. I even felt like eating the boiled egg. Anyway, I never knew a boiled egg could be sucked in a bottle which had hot water previously.

    I am even amazed that it is possible to remove all the contents of an egg and remain with an empty shell. 😀 🙂

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    Lol. I love eggs, they are my main meal. I enjoyed the video. It’s interesting to see how many things you can do with eggs apart from cooking. I especially love the trick where you can pass an egg into a narrow bottle with the help of steam. I would never in m wildest dreams have thought that you can do this with an egg.You can keep your kids entertained with this, apart from the dangerous tricks of course.

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    Another way to show the strength of an egg is, have a friend and ask him/her to open up his/her hand and place a fresh egg on top of your friend’s palm. You should put the egg on it’s side. Then ask your friend to try to break the egg by closing his/her hands with his/her fingers remaining close to each other and be amazed that he/she could never break the egg with this technique.

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    He showed a life hack where he showed the strength of an egg by putting weights on top of it. The egg should really be in that position for that life hack to work because if you’re going to put weights on it’s side, it would definitely break with just one weight. It’s because of the structure and shape of the egg that makes it sturdy in that position and very fragile when you lay it on it’s side.

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    Nice video. I enjoy watching all those egg tricks especially the exploding eggshell and the rubber egg ball. I thought for a second that when you put the egg in the water, it will look like a lava lamp but you tried to show us that the egg can’t scramble in the water. That’s nifty and creative tricks that we can do for an egg. Thanks for sharing this video. Have a good one. 🙂

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    That was amazing, I noticed a simpler way on how to put the egg inside of a bottle its like magic.How amazing science is, I will try this at home and prank my little brother.

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    This is interesting, I hope to see more of these kind of experiment as I love to learn a lot about things. I didn’t know an egg can be strong as that.

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    Amazing! I never knew that there are different types of tricks with eggs. I think this is very nice for a children’s party magic. It is safe to use and I am pretty sure that kids will be amazed too. I’ll review again this video and try it at home. I’ll take some notes for the procedures and materials so that coming weekend I can mimic the scenarios for various tricks. Hoping that there will be more like informative video posts on this platform so that people could learn newly things to discover.

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      It is interesting and fun 🙂 However, be careful, as it’s stated on the video, some actions can be dangerous and take care! SAFETY FIRST!