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10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

1 how to keep bananas fresh longer

2 Learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker

3 A binder clip keeps beverages neatly stacked in a tiny mini-fridge.

4 Save space in your tiny closet by hanging multiple garments with soda pop tabs.

5 If you’re a heavy sleeper, putting your phone into a glass will amplify the sound.

6 Wrap a warm beer in a damp paper towel and place in the fridge for 15 minutes

7 How to Turn a Hoodie Into a Laptop Bag: 8 Steps

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    This is really an extraordinary random hacks I may say. Though almost all are very helpful to every college student like me. I really like the denim hoodie laptop bag and how to hang the clothes maximizing areas or corners using only the soda pop stabs. Those are amazing ideas for me! 🙂 Thanks for the video.

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    College is an experience not to be missed by anyone. This is a time to get creative, you have high expectations but very few resources. I’m definitively going to try wrapping the bananas and see if that works. Banana’s that go bad after a day are definitively a big problem for me. I’m not quite sure about the glass and the phone, it looks dangerous, the glass could break and I didn’t notice the sound getting amplified, so I’m not going to be trying this one at home.

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    What I really like about the hacks that is shown in this video, is they are really easy. You can easily try on each hacks since everything that was used in it can be found basically around the corner. I really like the idea of the hoodie jacket making it into a laptop bag. That actually give me idea on how I can use my hoodie because I do have lots of them and I don’t have laptop bag as well so for the meantime I will try that hack. Hehe:) I also like the hanging clothes using a soda pop stabs. It is always my problem how to put up all my clothes since I do have little space in my dorm. Thanks to that hack. I can now hang my clothes orderly, I think and pick one immediately which I like to wear for the day.

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    I have really learned some great life hacks. Making coffee and a laptop bag from a hoodie is what I can try now at home because they are extremely easy and I have all the items at home. Now I know how to make bananas last longer thanks to that simple life hack. 🙂

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    He showed a life hack where he covered a bottle with cold damp cloth to make it cold faster than usual. I believe i have a better life hack. Put the bottle in a bowl and submerge it with water. Then add salt and put it on the freezer or the chiller. It will be really really cold in under 15 minutes. That is because of the salt that you added that affects the the coldness of the water around the bottle. The salt drops the temperature better than a cold damp cloth wrapped around a bottle so you get better cooling effect.

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    Life hacks are really cool and awesome. They really make things in life easier. I like how he used the bottom part of the cheetos bag to lift the cheetos up for everyone to enjoy. Although i doubt it would be called a life hack by someone who doesn’t really want to share. hahaha

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    Making a coffee without a coffee maker hack is awesome as I am addicted to coffee and that type of coffee tastes better personally compare to 3-in-1 coffee (coffee in a sachet with sugar and creamer). Now I know also how to cool drinks faster, thanks to this life hacks. Some of them I already watch before but I’ll try that banana and soda pop hacks.

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    The phone hack for alarms reminds me of sounds made in the comfort room. Even the slightest sound is heard if it occurs within enclosed walls. You don’t need loud sounds to wake up. You just have to get a moderately audible sound and make it easier for you to hear and recognize it.

    Even in your sleep.

    The hoodie hack is useful for those who like making their own stuff. I didn’t know it could be used as a laptop bag. We can even decorate it if we feel like it.

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    Making coffee without a coffee maker is a routine that’s been around for years. My parents used to do it and then taught me when I was a kid. Basically, it’s the same as making tea. Except instead of a tea bag, you dump some instant coffee into the hot water and then choose to add creamer or not. It’s actually quite good, especially those European specialty coffees.

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    Good to know someone appreciate this kind of stuff. I always watch videos like this, specifically on what I’m currently doing. It’s time and money worth. Some of the ideas are even a threat to some business owners. People must learn to be creative instead of buying some stuff that can actually be created on a scrap.

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    That CrazyRussianHacker really knows a lot of life hacks. I’ve been watching some of his videos before and got most of the life hacks that I know of from him. I do like the idea of putting the clip on a refrigerator to have space for other things aside from your beer. This is the first time I’ve seen the idea about using the refill from those expensive pens and put it on the cheaper one. You don’t need to purchase an expensive pen just to have a nice quality writings. The idea of using the ring tab to lessen the space for your clothes is really neat.

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    Be careful of dipping down rubber in the hot water it could contaminate the water and can cause bad affect to your body.

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    That rick with making coffee without a coffee ot is one that even adults need to know. I had my coffee pot die on me one morning. In a desperate moment, I used that little trick.