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Get Paid To Comment On Websites Or Forums

Get Paid To Comment On Websites Or Forums is not “get reach overnight” scheme but it is another way to earn extra money online, and not hard to do at all if you have few minutes of spare time. Many of us commenting on blog articles or on forum posts anyway, so why not get paid for it. Your favorite blog or forum maybe already paying their comment posters and you don’t even know about it 🙂

Many of blog and forum owners finding it hard to engage more people by commenting their posts so they decide to reward you for such actions, so you can earn money or exchange comments for free if you need same on your blog or forum.

There is numerous websites where you can get paid to comment, but recently i joined PostLoop and i have to say that this website stand out of the crowd with it’s scheme and payout or exchange program, so if you are interested, please follow my tips below which are really my own experience.

How To Get Paid To Comment

To get paid to comment, you obviously have to sign up, then confirm your email address to get started. After initial log in, would be good idea to set up your profile completely, so you can get noticed by other members easier.

Before you get able to start earning for commenting, you will be required to submit 10 comments on their own forum, so they can decide how good poster you are. So don’t rush! Submit really quality and not too short comments (forum replays) then you will get better rating from beginning! After initial 10 posts, staff will be automatically invited to review your posts, rate you and approve you for further earnings, so just be patient until you get approved. Usually it doesn’t take too long. Few hours most.

Once you are approved, you can visit list of forums or blogs which are paying you to comment, from top menu. Each of them have their own requirements, so you need to follow them in order to keep good rating, or even improve it. Each blog / forum owner mostly rate their posters with 1 to 5 stars. Better rating you have, more you can earn 😉

You choose which website or forum you want to join and subscribe to it as member. First you need to sign up with their website then in PostLoop list you submit your username you using on such website, so you can get paid for your actions.

Most of it is straight forward and easy to navigate but there is also nice FAQ section where you can get all info you need to get started and get paid to comment. Payouts are available via PayPal.

Get Started Now

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  1. 1

    I also like posting on forums and commenting on blogs. Being rewarded for this is very encouraging and motivating. I also know it is not a “get rich overnight” scheme but I can get some few dollars and be able to save.

    It is good you recommended postloop and told us how to join. I also like postloop and I will encourage many others to join.

  2. 0

    If you have spare time in front of your computer, using the internet, just searching for irrelevant things, and you want to earn money online, you could try this online job of posting comments on forums and blogs. You get to share your ideas and opinions on things that you are interested in, and get some extra bucks on the side. Although it will not make you rich, it is much better than spending and wasting your time on the internet. You also get more information about other things because forums and blogs contain a lot of things other than what you are interested in. So it’s really more than just the money but the joy of sharing and acquiring knowledge to others.

  3. 0

    When i was searching for ways on how to make money online, i came across this video about poostloop. I watched it and was immediately hooked because just by saying what’s on your mind, your thoughts and your opinions on different matters, you could earn money just by posting your comments on different forums and blogs. So i registered and tried it out myself to see if it’s a scam or not. And fortunately, they are for real. I had my first cash out through paypal. And I’m looking forward to sharing more and learning more ideas through forums and blogs while earning money on the side.

  4. 0

    Postloop help me so, to share my opinion and understand a lot of things about the discussion in every forum. And also postloop gives me an extra income

  5. 0

    I joined Postloop way back when we could easily make 100 posts a day, every day. I stayed on until the very last day when the owner pulled the plug. I did look back once in a while but eventually, I accepted that it was gone for good. Then a month ago, just because I was looking for some loose change, I asked Uncle Google about paid forum posting. Hey, Postloop is up again.

    The way I see it, forum posting is both an art and a science. It’s an art in that it takes a while to get the feel of the forum and the forum owner’s preferences. This is something which cannot be quantified. Just sort of like a gut feeling. It’s also a science in that there is actually a method to creating lively forum posts which stimulate conversation. In fact, I once won a forum posting competition by starting a thread called “How to increase your post count without being banned”.

    Maybe someday I will do that thread again.

  6. 0

    It’s a good exchange of services for both a forum operator and someone looking to expand their freelancer services. However, I think any paid posters must know something about or be at least moderately skilled in the topic they’re discussing. In order to keep their value as a paid poster high enough to be retained for future services.

  7. 0

    I have been a member of PostLoop for a few months now and I have to say that it is great. Like you said, it is obviously not the best method to get rich very quickly but it is great to earn a bit of money on the side. I must have made at least $150 – $200 from it already. All it takes is around half an hour every day to post a bit on various forums and blogs and you can make a decent amount. I would also recommend TheForumWheel to you. They are a bit low on forums at the moment but you can make a decent amount from it as well usually.

    • 0

      Are there strict policies governing TheForumWheel compared to Postloop?

      • 1

        They are a bit stricter regarding the content (although I have never had any problems with them). I personally think that it is great that they are strict because it allows site owners to actually get great content on their site and not just a few words. I would have a look at them but it won’t be as good as PostLoop because of the fact that they are slightly low on forums at the moment especially if you do not have a high rating.

  8. 0

    Oh yeah, I heard about PostLoop and I signed up for the program. I haven’t made any money from it yet but with the knowledge I have gained from this article, I believe I’d be smilling to the bank soon.

    Thanks for this informative piece!

  9. 1

    Well, I began my quest of seeking an online passive income around January of this year. Immediately, I realized my best skill was typing. This led me to article and content writing. Before I had my freelancing profiles set up where I’m now getting paid per gig, Postloop was the first initial content writing service that paid me to write. I signed up for their platform sometime around April 15th. Approval took less than 48 hours and I received my first payment within a few days. If you enjoy content writing and genuinely like to produce engaging, well thought out articles, then you’ll love Postloop and earn a nice little bit of change. Especially if you’re a fast typer!

    I really support their service because you have some genuine bloggers, article and content writer’s that stand out from the average on the platform itself. As a freelancer, it’s sometimes not the easiest to get gigs. Postloop is that consistent penny you love to earn from! In the process, you’ll also find some pretty interesting forums and blogs as well!

    • 0

      Nice to read another success story from PostLoop member and i am so happy to hear your personal experience. And exactly as you said, when there is shortage of article writing sales, PostLoop is always spare money making 24/7.
      Thank you for contributing your opinion!

  10. 1

    I did join Postloop not so long ago and I can say that it’s really a great site to earn extra money by just doing what you always like do, which is commenting on a forum. I know that you won’t get rich by doing this but it’s a fun way to interact with other users and share your experiences and knowledge to other people and at the same time, you’ll earn extra money. Isn’t that a great thing to do. You can do this in your free time and learn new things and at the same time, you earn money. That’s a pretty good deal. I consistently getting paid in Postloop so I will use this every day. 😀

    • 0

      I joined PostLoop quite recently as well, I believe after they got new owners. Like you said, it is definitely a great site and it allows me to earn a bit of money on the side. Unfortunately, it’s not great in that you won’t earn a lot of money but it is enough to earn a bit extra every month. At the moment I am averaging about $2.50 every day although a few months ago I was able to make $5 a day. It also allows you to experience different forums, take part in some interesting and engaging conversations and meet some new people as well.

  11. 0

    I love Postloop. You earn money just by leaving meaningful comments on forums and blog posts.

    Our words have value. And this site shows just how much our ideas can contribute to insightful discussions.

    Most of the articles there are written well. That’s why you’ll always have something to say. They’re interesting and you learn a lot from them. Definitely a fun experience for someone who likes to share their thoughts and opinions.

    I look forward to reading more of your content. They’re really useful. I like it!

  12. 0

    Ive been with PostLoop for a couple of years and I’ve actually made quite a few good friends from forums I have posted on. It’s good when you find a forum that has members that have ideas and who can stimulate thoughts, and you really can tell what a person is like from how they post. Some are witty, some are sensitive, and others are good at supporting other members.

    Often when there is a good community vibe, people will stay and more people will join when they can see people are really discussing things of interest. That’s what most owners hope for.

    • 0

      That’s great experience and making new friends is awesome. I actually experienced the same and i made some very good friends on forum from other side of globe, learned a lot of new strategies for my online business etc… Also true that most of blog owner like activities and engagements on their websites, first you know for real that your articles was ridden, second you can feel what people think about it and which direction to go further, plus many other positive things…

  13. 0

    PostLoop is awesome because it helps me express my opinion in certain topic that i am interested in at the same time getting paid. It also helps me to improve my English which is my non-native language. That is why I recommended PostLoop to my friends.

  14. 1

    Postloop platform pays everyone who is willing to write articles and participate in various forums. The administrator implemented rules for all writers to maintain the quality of the platform because website owners relies on the feedback that everyone posted on each topic. More traffic on the website revenues in return and that’s why other website owner’s revoked users because those people were not able to meet the standards. Its not only about earnings for commenting inside the forums but gaining also more friends which is very entertaining because they shared different practices based in a real life. I joined Postloop last month and I’ll stay here forever.

  15. 1

    I too recently joined PostLoop and I learned many interesting topics and it really helps me to boost my interest to do what I want and earning by it. I may not gained more money in it by I can gain more insights and can participate in different discussions. It is refreshing for me as a standard internet user, there are really many things that I can learn from joining forums and by searching the internet. I am new in this kind of field because of many circumstances I felt I have to do something different and as days past I am actually enjoying it.

  16. 1

    What I really like about PostLoop is the reporting system. I took the time to examine and evaluate these types of services. PostLoop seems to be the only one that has taken the time to develop code so that commenters and website owners alike have confidence. Of course, no one is getting rich with these types of “jobs” but it is a way to get paid for something that a person may do anyway.

  17. 1

    That is the why I joined post loop. My friend encourage me to make an account on this site, he said that by just typing I can earn money etc and I was like that’s kinda cool. Here comes the 10 comment submission I never rush on it, and its a bit challenging to me because my English is not good enough to built my thoughts but still I did my best until I got my first points and now I’am enjoying sharing my thoughts on the thread. For me it is not only the money but it is also the knowledge that you can learn for the various people who share their thoughts and personal experiences.

    • 0

      Glad to hear that you find your success at PostLoop. And very good point you made here is that you not just commenting, but also learning so many things in life while you reading blog posts or forum discussions. Well said Carryl, and welcome to abidly.com Hope you will find more interesting things to learn and enjoy here too 😀

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