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How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle - Easy life hacks

How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle – Easy life hacks

Learn: How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle
This is a really awesome project totally made at home.

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    Interesting invention. I’ll give you a virtual hand clap for the effort. Good Job. However this hack makes no sense to me. Isn’t the fan cold enough? My fan definitely can get cold enough and has different cold settings. I also don’t belief that this setup would make much difference to how the fan already operates. For one it’s stagnant and with those bottles fixed to it, I don’t think he can move it, they would explode. I also don’t think there is enough ice, to make a difference.I hope he doesn’t drink the water! Lol.

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    The hack is actually quite easy. It is really nice to have new ideas. Thank you for such friendly hacks 🙂 If I have time, I will try to do this because it is very humid here in my place and to have hack like that would definitely a good alternative since I do not have air-con in my room. Though, I just want to add to the hack that instead of putting stopper beneath the bottle with a glass on it, I suggest to have the stopper a small dot and have it flow on the glass. So that on the next day, you just have to pour out the water from the glass and put it back again. Just make sure that the glass is big enough to fill all the water produce by the melted ice inside the bottle.

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    I liked the video. It is now easy for me to make an air conditioner using plastic bottles.

    Although it might not give a modern look but I find it to be more convenient and cheap.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with us. 😀

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    There are a lot of life hacks about producing cold air using ice and electric fans. These are really cool ideas because they are trying to find ways on how to make life comfortable. Specially for those place where it is really hot and air conditioners are really expensive. But if you’re going to try these life hacks, you just have to really be careful on what you are doing because water from melted ice could easy get into the electrical parts of the electric fan. It would spell danger if you mix those two. So you have to really be careful.

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    Interesting DIY life hack video. Looks like something I would’ve come up with at my school science fair many years ago. As an adult though – I think I’ll stick with the real AC I currently have for those extra hot summers.

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    I am a hobbyist myself and i have made one of these and the result was…. I’ll tell you at the end. I made the version of copper tubing wound up like a coil then fastened in front of the fan. Then i put leveling hose at both ends. One end goes directly at a chest cooler with chunks of ice and water, the other goes to a water pump that is submerged to the same cold water. Then i turned on the pump and the cold water went through the hose, the copper coil, the other hose at the other end and back at the chest cooler.
    And the result for me was, not worth it!!! The air didn’t get any colder, the air was blocked a little because of the copper tubing, and worse, the water drips from the coil to the switch of the fan. Not mentioning the ice melts in just minutes. Better get an exhaust fan to get rid of the hot air inside the room.

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      I have seen the video of home made air condition with copper pipes and i thought it would block the air to flow trough, but also it seems little expensive for a simple hack, except if you have some spare copper pipe seating around, but yet not much to gain i guess. This hack also wouldn’t really act like real air conditioner, but better then fan only i guess 😀

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        I believe that the video your mentioning is also the video that i saw that made me want to try it out hahaha. Yes it’s really expensive to make because of the copper pipe, plus the leveling hose, plus the clamps and of course the motor. Although i already have doubts before i even made my first step of making that, i still did it for me to personally experience what’s it like. So you could say that, the knowledge that I’m going to acquire, of proving or disproving the claim of these kinds of videos, is really what i am spending for. So for the sake of science, i made that and only led to my disappointment. hahaha 🙂

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    I love staying in cold temperature. It’s also really hot hot where I live so it’s pretty much considered a luxury to be staying in air-conditioned rooms.

    I would love to try this in the near future. It’s one of the best hacks I’ve seen so far.

    I noticed that the most used hacks are always about staying cool and comfortable. It’s probably because hacks were made for making life easier. And if you can have your own hacked version of an air conditioner, why not? Not only will you save on electricity but also have a cool way of keeping yourself cool. Literally.

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    Hahaha! I’m a bit skeptical at first but after I saw the video, It was really fun and cool to watch at the same time. It will defeat the purpose of the water coolers. A great idea indeed! I’m recommending the cable tie straps though since it’s more safer handling the weight of that bottle after all the ice melt.

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      Cable tie straps are actually good idea and i would probably use them too. But this guy used just what he had in his house at the moment to avoid even little spending to buy something extra 🙂

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    Awesome demonstration both of the project and of the brain involved it is useful specially to the tropical countries.

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    I admire the person who had this kind of creativity because it is very useful for those people who can’t afford to have an air-conditioning equipment at home. Very easy to follow the procedures and will makes your room cold enough I guess. The risky part there is the leak of those ice inside the bottle that may harm the switch of electric fan. Sometimes we intend to ignore things especially if when we’re sleeping so just make sure that all things would be in a safe way and don’t sacrifice your lives just to save money.

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      Yeah there could be little risk as you said, if the bottles are not closed properly. So i always say SAFETY FIRST, check twice before it turns into something bad

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      I am concern of the leak also especially if there is a toddler playing nearby. Otherwise, it is very useful in summer wherein the air coming from the electric fan is warm also.

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    This is very helpful especially that I live in a tropical country, Philippines, where it is constantly hot throughout the year. This will help lessen bills! I actually have been reading through some ways how I can create a DIY air conditioner to make our room cool. So far, this is the easiest to do and I will definitely be trying it!

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      Yeah, most of the people can make this sort of air conditioner FREE, as long you have nice fan 🙂 Also it’s nice idea to keep in mind even on camping or similar situations where you can get relaxed from sufficient heat 🙂

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      Agreed! It’s really hot in our place and electric consumption is really expensive, especially if we use air condition in the room. This will definitely an alternative way to cool us and our room without spending much for the materials and the ice is so easy to make and won’t cost much since whether we make ice or not, the consumption of electricity will be the same for our refrigerator while running. I will definitely try to make one for my room to test it for myself. Thanks again for sharing this video. Have a nice day! 🙂