Many of this life hacks are very simple, but you never know when they can be handy to use them in our everyday life, because something happen any time.

Perhaps i have learned one very simple thing to shoot close up photo with my camera. Very simple but i would never thought of something like that 🙂 OR very simple way to remove bubble gum from hair, can’t be easier then that 🙂

Hope you will find something interesting for you, so please write in comments your favorite life hacks from this video

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    Totally a great share!, this type videos not just entertain us but also gives as a more easier task to do whenever something happen, like as what you have just said when a bubble gum is stuck on your hair. Probably this type of videos suit for a minor or adult.

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    Entertaining and informational video.

    I really liked the ones with the cups because we have so much of those things in here at home. I’m gonna try the one with the cement for the plants lol.
    Also the cleaning ones are really helpful as well 😀

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    I loooooooved watching this video. It taught me a lot! Most of the things shown here I wanna try! 1st, the Coca-Cola Hacks like cleaning out the toilet and stuffs! Though it’s a waste for me ’cause I love drinking Coke, I know that it’ll be helpful for me with the hacks. I also want to try the ketchup dust remover hack and clogged drain using soda, vinegar and hot water, making the faucet shiny with the use of toothpaste and cleaning the shower using vinegar. As a girl, of course, one of my faves is the Hair Hacks, except burning the hair with the candle LOL. It’s a lil bit scary. I also love and wanna try the Straw Hacks, “Eggshellent” Hacks, and Baking Hacks! Ugh! Thank you so much for sharing this video! Learned a lot!

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    Wow, I was really knocked by this video. I learned many things which are very useful and applicable in daily life.

    First is with the cups. I probably will apply cups to be used as containers for flowers using cements. With the area of my workplace left with no location to plant vegetables, it has to be one of the solution to that problem. And because new year is approaching, the tip with sparklers will be very useful indeed.

    The toilet hacks were also very good for me. I can very much relate with soap sticking so from this video, I will use rubber band to counter that problem. Coke too was used to clean toilet bowl, I guess that’s why they tell people when you drink coke, it’s like drinking muriatic acid.

    I got lots of laugh with the hacks in women’s bag, and they started with condom. Well, now I know it has many uses aside from its main purpose. But i think I won’drink a coke with its cork formed by a condom, I definitely won’t.

    There’s a lot of things I learned from this video, and probably cannot write them all here. You have to see it for yourself then.

    To the maker, thanks for sharing us this one.

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    Wow is the first thing that cropped into my mind after watching the benefits disposable cups cups can offer. Normally, my assumption is that it’s only good for one thing, which is drinking during party celebration and ceremonies but now, my view on its usage have just widened beyond my imagination.

    From its usage in tackling messy floors when drilling boards, to Christmas light burns, suspended holders and even decorations, disposable cups should cost more than it’s being sold for having more added value (Joking silly).

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    I really love the cleaning hacks. I will definitely try those especially cleaning toilet bowl with coke, toothpaste and ketchup for the rusted faucet. I like the idea of using plastic cup to have a good shot of close up pictures. Using plastic cups turn like a spiral strings for party decors is so innovative as well. Its like instant pottery too molding cement through a paper cup. Spill proof paper cup is also an amazing idea using only a plastic cover. That makes absolutely the difference! Awesome random hacks! 🙂

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      Indeed, I was amazed how coke can remove rust from a very rusty metal making it almost like brand new. I got a lot of rusty tools that needs cleaning, I’ll enjoy cleaning them with Coca-Cola.

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    These are great life hacks.

    I liked learning how they made those neat towel folds. I’ve always wondered why normal cloths and clothes look more sophisticated in fancy places like hotels. Now I know! It’s all about the presentation particularly, the folds.

    The liquid on a cup hack will prove useful for those who like drinking stuff near their gadgets. I can’t count how many times it’s happened that they accidentally spilled drinks on their precious items. It can get frustrating whether it be important papers or electronics.

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    I must say, the disposable cup to prevent sparkler burns, brings back memories. To be honest, I think my mother was ahead of her time. She would get a pin and put a hole in the cup just like the video. Only to feed the sparkler through so the cup can act as a safe guard.

    Hotel towel folding is a technique I picked up several trips ago. Believe it or not, one of my favorite things about going to a hotel, is the way they fold your towels and napkins; the intricate detail is amazing! I had to learn when I got home from my holiday. Immediately I came home and Googled how to do the towel fold.

    Good video!

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    Damn, that cement flower pot is beyond clever. It’s basically almost a free pot that you can create yourself and it takes minimal effort/energy. Quite amazing and handy if you have many flowers like me.

    Those little baking related tips are right on time since most of us do a lot of baking when the Christmas time is coming. I have used a bottle instead of a rolling pin before and I can confirm that it does the trick. Plus it’s easy to clean the bottle afterward!

    Thank you for the share.

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      I agree with you that cement flower pot is pretty amazing. It is handy and easy to do. Now, I have idea what I can give to my mom who loves gardening. Also, it can be painted with different colors, I guess.

      What I love also is how a plastic straw can be used in many ways especially in a lots of cords or cables at home and in office. Now it can be quiet organized when I did that.

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    Ya know, I spend hours watching videos like this one but never actually did any of the hacks, except one. I took a baby lotion bottle and turned it into a holder for when I am charging my phone. My wife laughed at me but then eventually took mine and I had to make another.

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    I like the recipe for warm beer and eggs for washing the hair and leaving the scalp very clean. I must try that one at home for my itchy hair. I also hope the dandruff will be over. I also like how empty cups can be reused in many different ways. I was also shocked but convinced how the panty liners can be used as substitutes by sticking them on clothes to absorb sweat. I love every DIY life hack shown on this video.

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    Great video. Although banana pancakes is something that I’ll never try due to personal taste. I like banana flavor in some food items but pancakes or waffles for that matter – isn’t one of them.

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    Amazing! various of helpful tips that we can apply to ourselves. I never thought that some of trash can be recycled and gives you benefit on the other side. I’ll try the paper cup coming new year because me and my family always lit a small fireworks at the front of our house and this will prevent our hands and arms from burn.

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    Interesting, I did not know that you can use vinegar to remove clogs and clean metals. I’m gonna try that on my sink and hopefully it does the trick. I also like how the paper cup was used to mold a plant pot, very creative idea.

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      @Dlan I was amazed finding that out as well, and I must confess to you that it actually works perfectly fine without any side effects on the objects you used it to make clean. Let me give you another tip or hack that you might not be aware of, your toothpaste can have that same effect on some of your metal or steel objects. I have used toothpaste to clean my dull and dirty pressing iron face to shine brighter and also used it in washing my silver necklace to glitter more. The only thing about the necklace is that it didn’t take too long and it blurred again.

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