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How To Make Website With WordPress

How To Make Website With WordPress – Video Tutorial

If you looking for guide “How To Make Website With WordPress” then please read this article to the bottom.

I am creating websites since 2000. I used many CMS platforms and even creating my own HTML websites, but after all i tried, i decide to stick to WordPress for ever. WordPress is really best CMS platform to make / build your website very fast, match any niche with your design (theme) and extend it with hundreds of free and premium plugins to turn it into anything you want like personal blog, online store, business website, online portfolio etc etc… Anything!

One of the things i like about WordPress is also that i can search for all free themes and plugins from my administration panel, so i can find it all in one place (my website) instead of searching whole internet and visit hundreds of other websites to find what i need.

You probably visited so many websites so far without even knowing that they are buit on WordPress platform. Yeah because they look so different to you, but they are based on same platform as this website you looking right now 🙂 That’s because of different themes (design) and plugins they are using.

So let’s get to the point…

How To Make Website With WordPress

Instead of writing all step by step tutorial i choose following videos which explain it all. So just watch and listen. But if you need some specific advise or having further questions, don’t hesitate to ask in comments below. I am advanced WordPress developer and coder, so i believe i can help 🙂

Beside this great video, i also suggest watching other videos below so you can get more ideas and knowledge about creating and using WordPress websites.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide (2017)

If you still find it difficult to create your website with WordPress or if it’s time consuming for you, then you may consider hire me for WordPress website development or custom plugin coding.

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    I have word press website too, I am still managing the free domain because I am trying to get myself together, I love WordPress a lot I have done a whole lots of post there and I have followers/subscribers too. I will upgrade the one being bought so I can go far with it.

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    I actually have my blog using WordPress but not the free option. I bought a domain name and hosting and then installed the WordPress on it. I just honestly wish that I saw this tutorial and tips when I first began making it because it would make the whole process so much easier.

    It was my first blog ever using WordPress and I was feeling somewhat lost – I wasn’t sure how to make some specific things but your tutorial video explains it very nicely.

    Now that I understand WordPress and actually know how much customization you have using it, I would never switch to something else. It’s simply the best thing for making all types of websites from blogs, e-commerce and more.

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    WordPress really is the best platform for building a website. Many people think of it as just a blogging system, but it is really so much more. Plus, the fact that it is free, with a large team that continually works on improvements and security fixes, really does make it both the smartest and most economical choice.

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    WordPress? Of course. It’s my goto application for websites.

    Once upon a time, I was given an assignment to create a website using Drupal. So I spent a whole month studying Drupal and learning how to make a website with it. Then, just for fun, I asked Google whether I can make the same kind of website using WordPress. My client wanted a website to sell articles. Viola! Apparently, WordPress has got all the tools needed to create a website to sell articles. Problem solved.

    By the way, I had a look at bbPress when it was new. bbPress should not be confused with BuddyPress. bbPress is developed by the same people who created WordPress and bbPress is a forum plugin. Since then, I have looked at it only now and then. Apparently, bbPress has grown a lot. Now there are a lot more bells and whistles. So, for anyone already using WordPress, look seriously at how you can use bbPress as a forum which integrates seamlessly into your WordPress site.

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      Nice to read about another love of WordPress 🙂 And it’s also truth about bbpress. I tried bbpress (forum plugin) long ago when it come out and it was looking very plain forum created by it, so i lost my interest for it, but in last few years, bbpress developed into really really great plugin and feature to be added to WordPress blogs, i wouldn’t look for better then that.
      Also BuddyPress is different story, it’s more for building community websites like abidly.com and i explained it more in my older post: http://abidly.com/build-community-website/

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    I did my blog before with WordPress just to try how it works. I agree that it is easy to set up and user friendly. I am not that good in setting up a website that time and I just used a smartphone or tablet that time but I was able to create my blog. This article is very helpful because still there’s lot I need to learn about WordPress.

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    Nowadays people are more convenient using wordpress in building websites because its user friendly. The platform is a just interface wherein you can insert hyperlinks that will landed to another web page that visitors can view another lay out. If you create an impressive website in wordpress and has informative content, you can use it as your extra income because there are companies that would like to promote products and services, that means your own website will used for placing ads they will pay you based on your agreement.

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    I love WordPress. I used to use WordPress.com but when I got better with all the technical things required for a website, I moved over to using the WordPress software version which I believe is a lot better. The freedom it gives you is second to none and the fact that it is such a popular content management system just speaks for itself really. It is extremely easy to setup, manage and have a great website up and running quickly. The fact that it has so many free & premium plugins and themes available for use is great too.

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    Word Press is great, actually I have one. What I like on it is, ease of adding functionality and customization specially for those people which have no sense on how to design website and also giving the opportunity for non technical users to get contributing to information on the web.

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    WordPress is the number one free website creator. It gave me the freedom to choose my own style and layout.

    I’m not good at designing. I was relieved since it helped me choose how I wanted my site to appear to my future audience. The functions are convenient. I used it to create my first website.

    Simple and easy to use.

    I took my time to explore their different themes to customize my website.

    They had such a wide selection of colors with different schemes and color palettes. Good thing I knew which style I wanted. It also allowed me to make timed posts kind of like auto tweets on Twitter. You write something in advance and you can set a specific time for when the post will go live. So convenient.