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  • Hello Janill.
    I am glad that you find courage to tell us your feelings, and i wish to tell you that you have nothing to fear really. Not everyone is accepted by everyone! We all get rejected by someone even if we have thousands of other fans, so you have to take it as common sense and reality. Just believe in your self, find what’s motivating you…[Read more]

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  • LOL.. I have seen some beginners calling them selves experts, while i think that there is always something more to learn and feel like i need to do much more to become expert. But thanks for your thoughts anyway 😀

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  • If you are a blogger and trying to keep your website / blog in top shape when it comes to exposure and getting most organic web traffic, you maybe ask your self if social media marketing is more important then […]

    • Here is the big difference between SEO and Social Media, which is why I give the edge to Social Media… On Social Media, you are building an audience. Now, you can do that with search too, but it is much more difficult to convert traffic into website members or blog subscribers. People are much more willing to click that like or follow button.

    • Social Media is important, but I think it is limited media to use. If you’re successful in SEO, the possibilities for you are endless. Social Media should be used to compliment SEO and not the other way round. I think people enjoy using Social Media because of the likelihood of engagement with your followers. However, SEO in my opinion and experience with using both is more effective.

    • I truly believe that if you want to be successful with your website/blog or online business you should be taking advantage of both, SEO and social media marketing. These two just go hand in hand and they work so amazingly together. As you have mentioned, social media marketing can even boost your SEO score so it would be silly to not use it.

      Which is more important? I think that they both hold equal importance. Perhaps social media might be a bit easier to grasp if you’re a beginner though since SEO has so many different components.

    • While both SEO and social media is important, I would say social media has the edge because people can see if a site is up to date and if it’s active. I recall a forum I was on once and the owner had followed the guide book to gain SEO from social media channels YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but failed. Why? Because he never posted anything except a single post on each platform, and there were less than a handful of followers. Thus, anyone looking at the site can see it was set up purely for SEO and it didn’t rank because there was zero activity. If you use social media, you must use it properly otherwise people won’t take the site seriously.

    • I have never tried SEO but thanks for sharing the links. I have only been using social media to get traffic for my blog and to get others to share the links to my post for me. I have always found social media marketing to be easy and all you need to do is get followers or groups of people with the same interest and then advertise your work or product and you are able to sell.

  • Very nice and i am glad to hear your begginer’s story, I bet that many other people fear the same thing without knowing how valuable they thoughts, experience or stories they would write, are to someone else. Many things on internet doesn’t interest everyone, but there is always some topic that will interest someone out there, so i invite everyone…[Read more]

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    As much i know, Seoclerks “cleaning house” constantly all the time! But they are not going to kick out from business someone if it’s not reported to their staff team by someone else with good reason. There is so many services and staff team can’t look every single service to judge them.
    That’s why there is rating and leveling system so customers…[Read more]

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  • So true. That’s what i explained reason i have stayed so long as active member of Seoclerks (http://abidly.com/seoclerks-review/) When you feel in some community like at home, then it’s real deal 🙂

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  • Since I was introduced to Social Media I was an introvert with big dreams but had minimal traction to making them come true. I never knew how social media was going to change my life. I started my journey with […]

    • To a certain extent – everyone is an introvert. But I think getting into business helps balance out that part of a person’s personality. It helps them become more personable when they need to be. As opposed to those times when or where they are required to interact with people – and the whole situation ends up being awkward and off-putting. Those scenarios will go a lot smoother with practice.

    • This is a great article because I am introvert also and it is very easy for me to voice out my ideas in social media unlike in a face-to-face conversation. I also like to become an influencer and help other people through online content marketing but I haven’t figure it out how to start and this article really helps a lot. Hope to see more of these empowering article.

    • Ash replied 4 days ago

      For me, starting a blog is probably the best thing to do from the things you have recommended. A lot of people just aren’t too comfortable with live streams so it is a good idea to start with something like a blog until your confidence grows. And the best thing about it is that it is quite an easy thing to do. It’s relatively cheap to get a domain and hosting as well. You can earn quite a lot from advertising if your blog does relatively well as well.

    • I can definitely relate with your experience.

      I’ve been an introvert for as long as I can remember. I still recall the first time I became active on Twitter. At first, I was so unsure of myself. I was so conscious of my words and opinions. It took me about an hour to create my first few tweets.

      But it was a learning experience. I didn’t know how much influence I had on other people. It’s still less compared to well-known people like celebrities, but anything counts if you’re having real communication with people all over the world.

      I don’t aim to become someone famous in the internet. But knowing how much influence I have is enough to encourage me to keep sharing my thoughts on social media.

    • Well, I would partly describe myself as an outgoing person. At the same time, I would also include introvertish like traits within my character. I’m thankful for social media because it allowed me to display myself on multiple platforms and interact with people on a global scale. What’s also cool about that is that I was able to develop two profiles for me as a person. One presenting myself as a freelancer, and interacting with more of the business network side of social media. While the other being specifically tailored to personal interest and leisure as an individual. Neither of them ever clash and I’m able to get the best of both worlds when it comes to taking advantage of social media. Overall, I’d say through social media, I’ve been able to reach out and connect with people more than ever, without having to break the ice of a formal and physical introduction like in the old days.

    • You know, there is this saying that “80 percent of success is just showing up”. And, I believe that is absolutely true, even with becoming an online influencer. It is not talent, intelligence, , education, or credentials. Those things can make it easier, but what really makes a person influential, both online and off, is persistence, determination, and involvement… which simply means showing up.

    • Thank you for sharing with us your story. It has really inspired me. I’m an introvert and I have been addicted to social media for around 3 years. It is only since last year that I decided to use the internet for something useful instead of chatting.

      I have a blog which I haven’t been active on for very long. I am also happy I have been able to earn from writing articles and posting on forums. I feel I have made a great improvement. 😀 I will also decide soon on what kind of business I want to invest in soon while using social media.

    • Very encouraging information. I’m also an introvert and hate interacting with people and prefer to keep to myself. This gives me hope if you can be a social media influencer, yet you are an introvert than so can I. I am willing to try some of your tips like starting a group for my interests especially on Facebook. I have been thinking about it for a while. This has given me the momentum I need.

    • Aw, that’s a really nice story and I was pretty similar. Back when I initially started the blog, it took me ages to even begin because I was so introverted – I just didn’t know if people would even enjoy my content or read it. A friend of mine told me that if I truly want the blog to take off to start using social media platforms to my own advantage. The problem was… I never really posted much on things such as Facebook and Twitter until I realized how good it is.

      Now, I know how to engage with the people on the social media and how to attract their interest. Just remember to not be scared – share your passion with others.

    • This is the reason i came across to this site mainly because i feel that being an introvert it gives me the notion to express freely myself on social media without being judged.It has been my struggle on socializing with people because i am afraid of being rejected so i always ended up staying at home.I am thankful to have read this encouraging article.This will help me to become motivated in expressing myself and to strive more in what i am capable of doing.

      • Hello Janill.
        I am glad that you find courage to tell us your feelings, and i wish to tell you that you have nothing to fear really. Not everyone is accepted by everyone! We all get rejected by someone even if we have thousands of other fans, so you have to take it as common sense and reality. Just believe in your self, find what’s motivating you and contact with more positive people. As soon you start expressing your self more and more, you will overcome your fears faster.

  • I have seen the video of home made air condition with copper pipes and i thought it would block the air to flow trough, but also it seems little expensive for a simple hack, except if you have some spare copper pipe seating around, but yet not much to gain i guess. This hack also wouldn’t really act like real air conditioner, but better then fan…[Read more]

  • Good luck to you @dedcemoi Really wish you nice success, but i would suggest to join more affiliate programs and try to earn more money. Once you do your affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean that you need double time if you doing it for two affiliate programs 🙂 For just a little more efforts you can run multiple affiliate campaigns and earn money…[Read more]

  • Seoclerks is largest marketplace for SEO and social media marketing services, connecting webmasters and freelancers where you can buy many different types of SEO services for your website or social media marketing […]

    • That is the thing. Seoclerks is a marketplace. So, a person still needs to do their due diligence when buying services. This is especially true if the price or the promised outcomes sounds too good to be true. I am a Seoclerks member. There are some good people there, but there are plenty of people selling themselves as experts when they are absolutely not. That said, overall, I like the site and would recommend it.

    • I haven’t tried joining in Seoclerks but based on the reviews I have read they are doing good. There’s no such perfect program and I do believe that this company strives its competency with others. Yeah, you are right there are some people who had this kind of bad experience but the company itself has various of solutions for any types of issues and all they need to do is contact the support team for helping them.

    • Like Timothy has said above, it is important to remember that SEOClerks is a marketplace. It is definitely a great site and this review has proven that it is a good site to use if you are looking for someone to do some work for you or to sell your services BUT you need to take some precautions and ensure that you are careful when purchasing services especially. I’m sure a lot of the members over there are great (I’m a member there as well although I use the community forums more) but as with any site there may be some bad users as well.

    • I signed up to SEOClerks about a year ago. To be clear, I’ve only been on the seller end of their website. Freelancing my skills to potential buyers of my service. Along with the helpful staff, I really appreciated the overall simplicity of the theme behind SEOClerks. Very user-friendly freelancing marketplace. To date, it is in my top 3 favorite freelancing websites to pick up jobs as a freelancer. My favorite thing is that the buyers are very straightforward and return for more of your work if you produce above-average quality.

      My second favorite thing about SEOClerks is the forum community behind the site as a whole. Depending on your niche of work, you’ll most likely find at least several articles worth elaborating on. If not, you’re always welcomed to start a new discussion. Usually, you’ll get in-depth replies from some of the top professional freelancers in the same niche as yourself.

      From a buyer’s perspective, I still think you’ll get the same experience of quality. However, it should be noted on what Timothy Alexander said above, it’s a marketplace. Of course, with any marketplace comes scammers and general time wasters. So you should always do your research first on that seller before paying for any of their services. Overall, an excellent website I highly recommend for freelancers looking to sell a service and potential clients looking to buy a particular service.

    • I also like seoclerks. I joined the site 2 weeks ago and I have only had good experience with it. I have not tried selling anything because I do not have enough time to focus on the site. But I have been reading and responding to interactions from other members. Seoclerks is very legit and I would recommend it to anyone.

    • I can confirm as well that SEOClerks is a very legit marketplace and website. People often think that they can only sell there but they’re wrong – SEOClerks is more than just that because if you go over to the discussions board you can find so many amazing articles and information regarding SEO, freelancing and more.

      I have been on SEOClerks for a few months now and I wish I found it sooner! It deserves more credit and I’m really glad that you reviewed so perhaps people will come and join us.

      A very nice and objective review, great job.

    • I’ve read a few articles on SEO service but I think seoclerks does it best.

      They’re reliable and totally legitimate. I see how other users may have had negative experiences in the past, but they should keep using it to see its full potential. Like any place for looking into services, reviewing before you purchase can make a huge difference. It might save you time and money.

      I recommend it to those serious in this sort of business. As long as they choose wisely, they’ll get what they’re searching for.

    • SEO Clerks doesn’t have time to evaluate scams. Nonetheless, though, I’d have to say that a lot of the shady traffic offers would have to be scams. I mean, the odds are pretty high. So does anyone think SEO Clerks should clean house?

      Well, look at it another way, the US government cannot punish everyone for crime, but it does make an effort. Should they just give up totally?

      • As much i know, Seoclerks “cleaning house” constantly all the time! But they are not going to kick out from business someone if it’s not reported to their staff team by someone else with good reason. There is so many services and staff team can’t look every single service to judge them.
        That’s why there is rating and leveling system so customers can leave negative rating if they received poor service and yet if they are scammed in any way, they can report service or seller trough help desk and get refund, plus seller can be infracted or even banned.
        Even US government doesn’t look for every criminal until someone sue them trough law authorities 🙂

    • This review is much-needed thanks for it. I’ve just recently discovered SEO Clerks and am trying to navigate my way around the site. I have been doing my research and wondering whether I should try to get some services from them. What I must say is that it is not a very well know place to get services and maybe the admin should work on this aspect. My friends have told me that any service they have gotten from the marketplace has been good. The admin support is also said to be fantastic. Following this review, I just might give this site a try.

  • Manually it can be done by visiting their Twitter profile and see how actually user interact with others. Look at what he / she like on Twitter, What and how often retweet and how many followers vs friends is there. Also you can see what tweets user replay to, so it can give you figures if user is only tweeting or engaging / interacting with other…[Read more]

  • I also use Tumblr, but it’s way better to write your own blog (perhaps built on WordPress platform) then share your blog posts on your Tubmlr profile. That way you can monetize your postings by adding some advertising or affiliate links, while Tumblr is very good to engage people on your blog and boost it’s authority with their do-follow backlinks 😉

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  • There is cheaper and dearer services on the market, but none of them are just few bucks i know. It’s maybe pricey investment for self-bloggers, but for businesses who want to gain large exposure and build their website authority as fast and as high as possible, it really worth the money, specially if they choose best press websites with largest audience

  • it’s not a “must” to followback, however on Twitter it’s very common and good way to build more audience. More you follow and followback the more it comes and larger audience you make. There is also websites with follow, followback, like and retweet measurements, so people looking at it when choosing who to follow, specially when choosing someone…[Read more]

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