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seo vs social media marketing

SEO vs Social Media Marketing – What Is More Important

If you are a blogger and trying to keep your website / blog in top shape when it comes to exposure and getting most organic web traffic, you maybe ask your self if social media marketing is more important then good optimization of your article or whole blog.

To be honest, both are important, but both of them working different to get same results at the end, which is visits to your posts or website.

Both of them can be time consuming, but without taking care of one or both, your article could stay on your blog without single visitor, so it would result in waste of your invested time to write article at all.

Importance of social media marketing

Most of us would like to see someone interested to read new article we posted as soon as possible. Possibly get some comments and further shares on social networks, so we could know that topic of the article is interesting to people and that we didn’t miss or waste out time to write or record video. Yeah, as soon we get some visitors, comments and shares, it means people is interested in your work, so it comes like little reward for your efforts. Some of us even used to jump or smile while thinking “Oh YES i nailed it” ๐Ÿ™‚

Social media marketing is shortcut to get this smile on your face and receive this kind of reward because as soon you share your new article on social networks with your friends, fans or followers, you can get some visitors who could possibly interact with your article. Even if they don’t agree with you in their comments, it could be a good sign, because you would know which way to go further, what to do next or how to fix something if you made wrong decision within your article. All traffic is valuable!

So in conclusion, social media marketing is important to get some traffic as soon you share your link on social networks, but you have re-share it again and again after, to get noticed by more people and social media marketing i guess providing you traffic for only short time after publishing your post because people next minute see different thing, different links to another website and going elsewhere to see and read something else. You probably know that there is many links published on your social network wall every second or minute, so you know how it goes.

But for receiving much more traffic ever after, you need good SEO and Google is your best friend for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Importance of SEO

Depending on many different things, search engine spiders will discover your article and list it in their search listings / results, but not maybe just minute or day after publishing your article. That’s why you need to work on your optimizing your articles, images or videos all the time, in order to rank higher on search pages, get noticed by search engine spiders sooner and at the end receive lot more visitors from search engines ever after. Authority of your website is yet another thing which plays role in this matter, so constant link building to your website is yet another thing should be on your “to do list”, either to get quality backlinks to your website or just article.

To optimize your articles, images or whole website and be in trend all the time you can read me previous posts:

But yet another interesting article about understanding how SEO working and how to get best results after your SEO efforts is written by Jordan Delozier, not long ago and i would suggest reading it to make sure you doing your SEO right way, so just read: How It Works: Google Search Results.


Both, SEO and social media marketing, are important if you looking to keep your blog and article as live as possible for as long it is possible and receive constantly good traffic and interactions by your visitors. Both tactics have to be used and you can work on them constantly or occasionally, not necessary to do it only one time. SEO of article can be improved even many times after publishing it, and social media marketing also can be done numerous time after publishing, just don’t overdo it to make your social followers you spamming them.

Also don’t forget that social media marketing also helping you to boost your SEO score! It may be explained in future articles.

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    Both have their strengths so I think it will be a great to use them both for marketing. Social media is very easy to use and very accessible, especially to beginners. SEO has a wider scope and more helpful for those who do not have that wide range of social media network.

  2. 0

    I write for several writing sites, and I can tell you that using SEO and social media for exposure is crucial in my opinion. If writers use poor keywords, their writing exposure will suffer. Try to use some words that are in the title of your writing, and then use those words as your main keywords in the first paragraph of the writing. Then, use the same keywords several more times throughout your writing.

  3. 0

    Social Media is important, but I think it is limited media to use. If youโ€™re successful in SEO, the possibilities for you are endless. Social Media should be used to compliment SEO and not the other way round. I think people enjoy using Social Media because of the likelihood of engagement with your followers. However, SEO in my opinion and experience with using both is more effective.

  4. 0

    This write up is way too cool, I never knew the differences even though I own a blog, I never even used them before maybe that’s why I don’t get much ratings and viewers on my blog. I know the reason now and I will try it out, if it works out I will holla you at that.

    You just drew comparisons between them, that they are both similar in ways and they are both of importance just like the others, but with the little knowledge I can gather from this article it means that social media marketing is far better than SEO. There are so many people out there that don’t know anything about SEO but they use Social Media marketing, I always see those ads all over my Facebook wall and some sites I enter, but now I know which one that will help my blog better.

  5. 0

    I’m elated to read about the difference between social media marketing and SEO, and I have to say you, in simple terms, you narrated the difference in a way that anyone could understand. Social media move with trends and some days or weeks after putting your link to the article on social media, it will get old while Google will keep bringing the post up as long as you optimized the contents well. That’s great for those bloggers and site owners looking for long term visits to their sites.

  6. 0

    Social media marketing is one of the proven ways to have your website optimized for high search potentials. It’s a great way to promote your site and get high rankings in google and other search engines.

    Social media marketing is an effective marketing system that guarantees lots of traffic in a short period of time if the commitment is there and participation is regular. Those are the basic tips for leveraging the social networks as far as getting traffic is concerned.

  7. 0

    Both concepts are well explained in full details here and how both works, and just like it’s pointed out in this article, both social media marketing and SEO is very good but there is always a juncture where one has an edge over the other. With SEO, you are definitely looking forward to a long term investment and it’s requires reliance on Google to determine how far you can get but this is entirely different when it comes to social media marketing.

    The first thing you ask yourself when looking to embark on social media marketing is, do I have the time and patience to work for it? If the answer is yes, then there is no limit to what you can achieve because everything is in your hands and your expansion is solely dependent on how good you work your butt off in being very active on your social media pages.

  8. 0

    I know these two are both important and when they compliment each other it can give endless traffic to your site. I know how powerful Social Media is and that is very obvious not only online but also in real life. If you are a good writer, there is a good chance that you can influence people reading your article. And SEO helps spread out your blog by presenting it to people most likely interested to read it.

  9. 0

    I’ve come across this comparison somewhere before and found out that a lot of people do not actually know the difference between the said topic. By clearly in here, I see good parralels been drawn out. Social media definitely has the edge over SEO due to its direct reach on audience. Its as simple as that.

  10. 0

    SEO is quickly becoming less relevant. This is due to computers becoming more intelligent and capable of processing complex information. In the past, they only check for certain words like keywords. But now, they are no longer limited to that.

    I believe that social media marketing may prove more useful than relying on SEO.

    People nowadays are more active on social media. They continue to use it and interact with various people be they strangers or acquaintances. It’s also easier to build real connections with people through social media. The biggest aspect one must consider is that there are people behind these accounts.

    If you can establish genuine communication with your target audience, then you’re a leap closer to accomplishing your objectives.

  11. 0

    Social media marketing starts off with a captive audience. Before you even think about marketing anything through your social media network, you must first build up a following. This group of followers is your captive audience. I know because I use social media every day. And when I post something, there will be some of my friends who will like it, just because they are my friends.

    SEO, on the other hand, is quite close to being a shot in the dark. You do not start with a captive audience. Oh, the audience is out there. The trick is to find out how to capture their attention. This is where some prior market research can be helpful.

    Let’s say, you want to market shoes. Find out what kind of shoes the market is looking for. You can get this information from many sources. My goto is always Uncle Google. Just search for “shoes” and see what comes up at the top of the results. That gives you an indication of what’s trending concerning “shoes”.

  12. 0

    Both are important for different reasons which pertain to stages of the online entrepreneurial game. Social Media marketing is important for short term (current) and long term (future) success. SEO is important mostly for long term or future success. SEO is really up to Google. As they decide how quality your backlinks are. Whereas social media marketing is mostly in your hands. Based on how much time and energy you put into it.

  13. 0

    Social media is useless without SEO because it lets the people navigate the page thru search engine. SEO drives the user in finding information inside the web page and I think SEO has a major contribution in social media platform. The thing is, we must be aware on how to explore the SEO and look for the advantage of it.

    • 0

      I actually thought it was the other way around to be honest. I always thought that search engine optimisation is pretty much useless and not as effective if your social media campaigns aren’t as good or effective. Think about it, there is a limit to how much traffic you will gain from search engines. Think about how many people you can target with effective and proper social media campaigns and how successful those campaigns can be.

    • 0

      I would stick with both of them because I believe it’s better to work within the framework of the two than just one. Working on social media networks and linking up with search engine optimization is sure to be more effective in one’s marketing campaigns rather than just making use of one. Social media gets you the audience in bulk but SEO helps you direct them to exactly what you want to offer them.

  14. 0

    I have never tried SEO but thanks for sharing the links. I have only been using social media to get traffic for my blog and to get others to share the links to my post for me. I have always found social media marketing to be easy and all you need to do is get followers or groups of people with the same interest and then advertise your work or product and you are able to sell.

    • 0

      I agree with you that social media marketing is easy to do and handy. Also, it’s easy to get traffic in social media especially if you know your prospect very well. I found SEO a little bit complicated but I am still in the process of getting to know all about SEO.

  15. 0

    While both SEO and social media is important, I would say social media has the edge because people can see if a site is up to date and if it’s active. I recall a forum I was on once and the owner had followed the guide book to gain SEO from social media channels YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but failed. Why? Because he never posted anything except a single post on each platform, and there were less than a handful of followers. Thus, anyone looking at the site can see it was set up purely for SEO and it didn’t rank because there was zero activity. If you use social media, you must use it properly otherwise people won’t take the site seriously.

  16. 1

    I truly believe that if you want to be successful with your website/blog or online business you should be taking advantage of both, SEO and social media marketing. These two just go hand in hand and they work so amazingly together. As you have mentioned, social media marketing can even boost your SEO score so it would be silly to not use it.

    Which is more important? I think that they both hold equal importance. Perhaps social media might be a bit easier to grasp if you’re a beginner though since SEO has so many different components.

  17. 0

    Social Media is important, but I think it is limited media to use. If you’re successful in SEO, the possibilities for you are endless. Social Media should be used to compliment SEO and not the other way round. I think people enjoy using Social Media because of the likelihood of engagement with your followers. However, SEO in my opinion and experience with using both is more effective.

  18. 1

    Here is the big difference between SEO and Social Media, which is why I give the edge to Social Media… On Social Media, you are building an audience. Now, you can do that with search too, but it is much more difficult to convert traffic into website members or blog subscribers. People are much more willing to click that like or follow button.