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seoclerks review

SeoClerks Review

Seoclerks is largest marketplace for SEO and social media marketing services, connecting webmasters and freelancers where you can buy many different types of SEO services for your website or social media marketing services for your blog, social network profile or page. Over 600.000 worldwide members and over 500.000 services listed in various categories. Buyers also can request specific work to be done at “Want to buy” sections, but  there is also free “Want to trade” section where sellers (and even buyers) can trade services as they agree. Website also offers very active community discussions (aka forum) where everyone can chit-chat, read tutorials or ask specific question and get answers by other members.

Seoclerks is owned by Ionicware company which also owns CodeClerks.com, ListingDock.com, PixelClerks.com, WordClerks.com and with same credentials you can log in to all this websites if you are a member.

Seoclerks Review

I am member / freelancer at Seoclerks for few years by now, but also active buyer and very active affiliate, operating as ANWEBSERVICES and here is my honest Seoclerks review.

Before Seoclerks i was working as freelancer for many years and selling my services at Elance.com, Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com and many other freelancing marketplaces. But after i joined Seoclerks, i totally fall in love with them very soon. Thankfully to their great support staff and active forum members who encouraged me to stick with them tightly every day since. Soon after i give up all my works at other marketplaces because at Seoclerks i find all i wanted in one place. I expanded my online business and year after i become even full time freelancer running all my business via Seoclerks. Also become active forum moderator and reached highest Level X5 with very good ratings as seller and buyer.

Seoclerks helpdesk (support team) is so great. I never had any unsolved issues and they are very fast and trustworthy, correct and business oriented, protecting both, buyers and sellers from scam or bad behaviors. You know, among 600K members you can always find some cheaters and scammers, but support team spot them and act fast to get read of them.

Payout system is very fast and i never had any issues regarding withdrawing my earnings via PayPal. They also offer few different types of payouts but i always used PayPal and can’t comment on other options.

They offer all their members very good commissions on affiliating, so i made nice income as affiliate marketer too. Soon i will write all about it separately where i will explain how to make nice income as Seoclerks affiliate too.

Is Seoclerks Scam or Legit?

Well i heard many rumors and read many discussions on this topic, but let’s get realistic! Is Seoclerks scam? NO and 100% NO. Is Seoclerks legit? YES absolutely.


Well Seoclerks doesn’t provide you with any SEO or marketing services directly. As i explained before, you may bump onto bad service or bad seller or bad behavior, but if you use the system correctly and contact support desk with valid proof of such behavior, you will be protected either as buyer or seller! So Seoclerks stand up after every correct member and that’s why Seoclerks is legitimate and trustworthy 100%. If anyone was scammed by Seoclerks seller it doesn’t mean that Seoclerks is scam! They will help you out if you contact them. But if any seller state that Seoclerks is scam, then i would say that he / she tried to misuse system by different cheating activities so they get banned and probably starting to blame Seoclerks instead of shut up and behave 🙂

How to avoid being scammed?

Beside that you are protected as buyer by Seoclerks support desk, there is also numerous ways to avoid any risk before it happen. Simple! Use their search filters when searching for services you need, so you can choose ones with good ratings and reviews, don’t rush! Search also for trusted sellers by their levels or positive reviews etc… By some common sense you can judge by your self what’s good or good enough…

What is your opinion?

I believe that all of us have different points of view and judgements, so if you are a Seoclerks member, i would like to hear and discus your opinion and experience about Seoclerks, please share your thoughts in comments below and also submit your rating!

Seoclerks Review Score

Support trough help desk
Byers / Sellers Protection
Payout System

Great support by Seoclerks staff members and support by other members in community discussions.

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)

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  1. 0

    I am also logged on to SEO clerks, I enjoy the whole discussions and also the fact that you can start a thread, you get to have their supports and tips on how to go about every online activities.
    There is also the slot for buyers and sellers which helps to transact businesses, the site is flexible that’s the major reason I like it, I am still trying to get myself together so I could start full operations on SEO. I will get there someday, thanks for this article it has opened my sights more of the possibilities of SEO.

  2. 0

    This is awesome review! I am also long time member of seoclerks and i would also rate it 5 stars. As you mentioned in this post, someone may be had bad experience with some seoclerks seller but Seoclerks as a company would never scam anyone.
    I would also suggest everyone with some bad experience to contact support desk and explain problem. Full refunds are always available if you are right and bad sellers are even banned on some occasions, wile you also can leave negative review on some service if you was not satisfied with provided service.
    Also as @abid advised, while buying any service at seoclerks, first look at service and seller rating and recommendations, to make sure you will be served professionally!

    • 0

      I very much agree with you on the fact that SEOclerks is an amazing platform. Am also a registered member and have been active there for quiet some time now. The most intriguing part of SEOclerks for me is their forum discussions – you get to meet a lot of people from all over, converse and share ideas, it’s really a fun place to be and you also get to learn a lot on topics and subjects you had no idea of.

      Their market place too is a very good part of SEOclerks too. You can advertise services o which you’re looking to get hired and can also place jobs for freelancers interested on working.

      Their surpport is always fast and efficient. I’d recommend SEOclerks for anyone looling to join a like site.

  3. 0

    There is one thing that Seoclerks is really good at and that is smaller $1 gigs. Most people might not see what the advantage is of having lower priced is, obviously that advantage is that people are not inflating their prices to meet a $5 minimum order like they do on Fiverr.
    Another advantage I have had with Seoclerks is that their support is professional and not robotic.

    • 0

      That’s comopletely true. SEO services and surpport are really fast and reliable. I’ve been a registered member on SEObfor some momths now and i must say that am enjoying every bit of being there. Their forum discussions is another part of SEOclerks that i love. Tjey arr varieties of topic to talk about and the engagements arr overwhelming. I think SEOclerks is a good platform and I recommend it for everyone. My rating for SEOclerks is 4 out of 5.

  4. 0

    SEOClerks is such a reputable and great marketplace and a community whereby users and successful entrepreneurs from all parts of the world exchange ideas and participate in discussions or creating new threads for audience engagement. Personally, SEOClerks has helped me a lot in getting useful answers to many questions I have asked in the past.

  5. 0

    Offcourse SEOclerks is no scam. I’ve been on the platform do a while and still am. It’s quiet through that it has a large market place where a lot of exchange goes on. Aside all that, I enjoy SEOclerks for its community discussions on the various freelance sites and many more general topics. I think the site is really fun and quiet helpful in a way.

  6. 0

    I have not join any marketplace like Seoclerks before so I may have a little knowledge about this. Though as I look at the comments and messages here, it is a good site. I believe it is a site where members can buy and sell stuffs and services. What I like though is the portion where members can discuss a certain product or service and can get a better understanding and options to what they may get or buy. There is also liberty for seller to advertise or recommend their product or service. That would I think make this a good site for a buy and sell.

  7. 1

    I’ve been a member at Seoclerks and I have to agree with you on the part that their help desk is quite proactive when it comes to solving issues had by members on the site. Also, it is a place where you can get services from freelancers and webmasters at an affordable rate unlike what we have in other freelancing sites. So, it’s been a nice experience being part of Seoclerks community.

  8. 0

    SEOClerks is not a scam. It’s one of the biggest and most trusted marketplaces in the world. SEOClerks is just a marketplace for buying and selling services or products like Fiverr. It has a community of over 500000 sellers and services. It has its forum section whereby anyone can ask questions, participate in discussions and reply other people on anything they want to know concerning SEOClerks.

  9. 0

    This review is much-needed thanks for it. I’ve just recently discovered SEO Clerks and am trying to navigate my way around the site. I have been doing my research and wondering whether I should try to get some services from them. What I must say is that it is not a very well know place to get services and maybe the admin should work on this aspect. My friends have told me that any service they have gotten from the marketplace has been good. The admin support is also said to be fantastic. Following this review, I just might give this site a try.

    • 0

      Obviously, a lot is good about SEOclerks and I advice you give it a try. Their servives are fine and i bet you’ll get the quality and standard of any service you require. Am a registered member there and so far haven’t had any cause to complain about SEOclerks.

  10. 1

    I’ve read a few articles on SEO service but I think seoclerks does it best.

    They’re reliable and totally legitimate. I see how other users may have had negative experiences in the past, but they should keep using it to see its full potential. Like any place for looking into services, reviewing before you purchase can make a huge difference. It might save you time and money.

    I recommend it to those serious in this sort of business. As long as they choose wisely, they’ll get what they’re searching for.

  11. 0

    SEO Clerks doesn’t have time to evaluate scams. Nonetheless, though, I’d have to say that a lot of the shady traffic offers would have to be scams. I mean, the odds are pretty high. So does anyone think SEO Clerks should clean house?

    Well, look at it another way, the US government cannot punish everyone for crime, but it does make an effort. Should they just give up totally?

    • 0

      As much i know, Seoclerks “cleaning house” constantly all the time! But they are not going to kick out from business someone if it’s not reported to their staff team by someone else with good reason. There is so many services and staff team can’t look every single service to judge them.
      That’s why there is rating and leveling system so customers can leave negative rating if they received poor service and yet if they are scammed in any way, they can report service or seller trough help desk and get refund, plus seller can be infracted or even banned.
      Even US government doesn’t look for every criminal until someone sue them trough law authorities 🙂

  12. 1

    I can confirm as well that SEOClerks is a very legit marketplace and website. People often think that they can only sell there but they’re wrong – SEOClerks is more than just that because if you go over to the discussions board you can find so many amazing articles and information regarding SEO, freelancing and more.

    I have been on SEOClerks for a few months now and I wish I found it sooner! It deserves more credit and I’m really glad that you reviewed so perhaps people will come and join us.

    A very nice and objective review, great job.

  13. 0

    I also like seoclerks. I joined the site 2 weeks ago and I have only had good experience with it. I have not tried selling anything because I do not have enough time to focus on the site. But I have been reading and responding to interactions from other members. Seoclerks is very legit and I would recommend it to anyone.

  14. 1

    I signed up to SEOClerks about a year ago. To be clear, I’ve only been on the seller end of their website. Freelancing my skills to potential buyers of my service. Along with the helpful staff, I really appreciated the overall simplicity of the theme behind SEOClerks. Very user-friendly freelancing marketplace. To date, it is in my top 3 favorite freelancing websites to pick up jobs as a freelancer. My favorite thing is that the buyers are very straightforward and return for more of your work if you produce above-average quality.

    My second favorite thing about SEOClerks is the forum community behind the site as a whole. Depending on your niche of work, you’ll most likely find at least several articles worth elaborating on. If not, you’re always welcomed to start a new discussion. Usually, you’ll get in-depth replies from some of the top professional freelancers in the same niche as yourself.

    From a buyer’s perspective, I still think you’ll get the same experience of quality. However, it should be noted on what Timothy Alexander said above, it’s a marketplace. Of course, with any marketplace comes scammers and general time wasters. So you should always do your research first on that seller before paying for any of their services. Overall, an excellent website I highly recommend for freelancers looking to sell a service and potential clients looking to buy a particular service.

  15. 0

    Like Timothy has said above, it is important to remember that SEOClerks is a marketplace. It is definitely a great site and this review has proven that it is a good site to use if you are looking for someone to do some work for you or to sell your services BUT you need to take some precautions and ensure that you are careful when purchasing services especially. I’m sure a lot of the members over there are great (I’m a member there as well although I use the community forums more) but as with any site there may be some bad users as well.

  16. 1

    I haven’t tried joining in Seoclerks but based on the reviews I have read they are doing good. There’s no such perfect program and I do believe that this company strives its competency with others. Yeah, you are right there are some people who had this kind of bad experience but the company itself has various of solutions for any types of issues and all they need to do is contact the support team for helping them.

  17. 0

    That is the thing. Seoclerks is a marketplace. So, a person still needs to do their due diligence when buying services. This is especially true if the price or the promised outcomes sounds too good to be true. I am a Seoclerks member. There are some good people there, but there are plenty of people selling themselves as experts when they are absolutely not. That said, overall, I like the site and would recommend it.

  18. 1

    This is awesome review! I am also long time member of seoclerks and i would also rate it 5 stars. As you mentioned in this post, someone may be had bad experience with some seoclerks seller(s) but Seoclerks as a company would never scam anyone.
    I would also suggest everyone with some bad experience to contact support desk and explain problem. Full refunds are always available if you are right and bad sellers are even banned on some occasions, wile you also can leave negative review on some service if you was not satisfied with provided service.
    Also as @abid advised, while buying any service at seoclerks, first look at service and seller rating and recommendations, to make sure you will be served professionally!