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How To Submit Press Release To Improve SEO

Improving SERP by submitting press release is yet another SEO tactic which can quickly improve authority of your website beside spreading news about your online business. Since it’s important to get as much traffic from singe press release, it’s also important to get continuous organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. And guess what, Google loves press release.

How press release improve authority of website?

Press release is usually submitted to most popular world news portals and magazines like Huffington Post, Sbwire, PRbuzz etc. because they are high authority websites with high domain authority (DA) metrics which passes authority value to your website, once it’s linked from press release article published on these sites, so that’s how it improves value of your website in search engine’s algorithms and improving positioning of your website in search result pages.

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How to submit press release to top news magazines?

Well that’s tricky part. Most of us don’t have access to submit press release directly by our selves, so you have to get in contact with their journalists, editors or contributors and yet it can be very expensive in most cases, but here i am revealing affordable press release shortcut, so you can do it easier for multiple news magazines and yet SAVE hundreds of dollars.

Simple using of affordable freelance services can make your dream come trough. By freelancers who have contributor accounts at multiple news magazines you can choose which one suits your needs and budget. SEOLADS PRESS RELEASE SERVICES is simple and affordable place to browse and filter your desired service at most affordable prices. Look for these with good rating (buyer’s reviews), where they submit your release and it’s price. You can also get your press release professionally written too. So there is one stop shortcut to solve your problem.

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    It’s a great thing to do although it’s not the perfect thing for me to do. I have a gaming blog right now and I just don’t think that submitting press releases would be suitable for the gaming niche. But I’m sure it is a good technique to use to increase your presence online and to try and get some more unique visitors over to your site especially since some of the sites available have high domain authority. The only problem is the price. Is it worth paying that much?

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      There is cheaper and dearer services on the market, but none of them are just few bucks i know. It’s maybe pricey investment for self-bloggers, but for businesses who want to gain large exposure and build their website authority as fast and as high as possible, it really worth the money, specially if they choose best press websites with largest audience

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    WOW. Great post! By looking at services from your link i see that i can save over $500 for writing and publishing press release. I tried to search for some of these services and mostly get quotes over $400 for single press release on single news portal, while here it’s less then $100 for multiple portals, so i am going to give it a try 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your experience