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16 Superpowers Of Human Body You Didn’t Know About

Today i find this very interesting video about human body and it’s powers or even superpowers so i believe you will be interested to have look at it too. Some really interesting facts that human body can do or already doing it without you noticing it.

Human bodies are being constantly analyzed, and scientists keep making incredible findings almost every day! Did you find any superpower you have? Like being psychic or something? Or what’s your favorite part of this video, please comment below.

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    Wow is the right word to describe the memory capacity of the human brains. I know that the brain is quite good in storing data, but knowing it’s storage was up to this capacity, this is completely way off charts to what I thought. And about the human bones being very strong, I love the question asked in the video, why all the broken bones since the bones are as strong as it’s presumed to be?

    Generally, this video clip is very educative, interesting as well as informative, because by simply watching it, I grabbed a few lessons which I had no clue about before.

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    I liked the voice in the video, though I don’t think their really “superpowers” haha
    Imagine a scenario that there’s a bank robbery:

    Civillian: Help!
    Me: Don’t worry i’m here.
    Civillian: What can you do?
    Me: I’ve been Hiccuping for 68 years straight.


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      Haha, @Philip jeez man, you are definitely 100% funny. Oh, that’s why you didn’t categorize them as super powers. Using hiccups as an ability to fight an armed robber, I cannot begin to imagine the outcome of such ordeal or task. Maybe once the thief fires his gun, the person hiccups to stop the bullet from hitting any targets (LOL 😂). They are probably not super powers, it’s just a literary use of words.

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    Thank you for talking about things that most people are interested in knowing about. I learned more about the brain, and all of our senses, along with other great subjects of interest. This video is amazing! Thank you for sharing this great video.

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    This is one very weired, strange and above all a fascinating video. Who would have thought.I never knew all this things were for real. Am so amazed to say which one caught my eye the more. Thanks for sharing this video.

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    Thanks for this video, you just impacted people like me who didn’t know things like these, my biology and integrated science textbooks didn’t have these facts. So chill my lungs is wide the size of a tennis court?who will even know this, or will even want to know. I thought women sneezed a lot more than men but now I know the truth with a whole lots of facts.

    Oftentimes I really wondered why I couldn’t concentrate on Mondays especially, it was as if my brain was always in the process of rebooting and still loosing a whole lot of informations and memories, I guess I know why now so every Mondays I won’t try to stress myself too much I will just absorb the little I can. I always knew that the body have more than five sense and you made that clear to me, at least I don’t get to look weird when I say somethings because your video is a proof of it, I am feeling really like a super human I guess every humans are because this facts does make us superhumans.

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    Cool! I was fascinated to know about the possibility of having multiple pupils, that was very shocking to know. I was able to even know proprioception as a sense, that was informative. Yes femur is the strongest bone in the body as well as the longest bone in our body. I thought hiccups mostly happen to women, and I was entertained to know that a man was recorded to have many hiccups in year.

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    Thank you for sharing this video. A new learnings for us, as a reader. Yeah, I agree that the hardest day for us is monday. So that’s the reason why every monday i have memory gap and my brain cannot absobs immediately.

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    Interesting hacks.Wow your lungs are the size of a tennis court?Who knew?God is amazing! Who would want to hiccup for that long? That sounds a bit painful?Interesting about the more than five senses. Textbooks should be updated as the still say we have five senses. I believe this because of my hunger sense. It definitively works all the time. Lol! Does this mean that if you like sleeping you can become taller?

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    Wow! That video was truly amazing. Some of those I knew about, like the storage capacity of the brain and the strength of bones. The human body is a truly amazing machine. I would love to see more videos like this one.

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    These are AMAZING facts! Made me wonder more why I’m forgetful of things when my brain actually has a 1 petabyte memory capacity. Thinking now if what I have is a RAM type that resets whenever I go to sleep. But seriously, these facts are just some of the wonders of the human body. Great to know they exist inside of me.

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    Thanks for sharing this video with us. I actually learnt quite a few new things from this and it was actually really interesting as well. I had no idea that our bones were several times harder than concrete. Even after watching that video, I can’t believe it. That’s crazy to even think about. And the fact that our brains can hold up to 1 Petabyte of information is just unbelievable. WOW!

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    I find the one for many pupils to be very shocking. I am also surprised that people are taller in the morning than in the afternoon. I would still like to know why people are prone to having heart attacks on Mondays.

    I am so happy to have learned this 16 superpowers. I will try the other senses since I only knew about the five senses.

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    I love interesting videos such as this one because there are just so many things that we don’t know about ourselves or our body. These sort of facts are fascinating because you have to think a bit to fully grasp.

    Human ears can actually hear molecules? How crazy is that? The most impressing things to me personally is what a human body can do when it’s under big amounts of adrenaline in a do or die situation.

    Highly educational and I’ll definitely remember some facts to pass along to my friends and blow their minds!

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      Adrenaline rush! Yeah I’ve seen this happen when there was a fire within our neighborhood, one person was able to carry the fridge out of the house just by himself. But after the fire, it took 3-4 people to put it back inside their house.

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    I can’t imagine having hiccup for years, it’s very uncomfortable. Every time I am having hiccup, I immediately grab some paper bag to breath in and out to relieve my hiccups, if doesn’t have any paper bag, I just use my cupped hands instead. Because I heard, having hiccups means, there are too much oxygen in our body. And the oxygen can be lessened by breathing in and out to a paper bag or cupped hand thus having more carbon dioxide in the body. Some says, drinking water can relieve hiccups, but I think it is the same mechanism as aforementioned.

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    Nice video! I’ve learned so much about it. I’ve tried and manage to sneeze with my eyes are open without any problem. I don’t know why I can do that. This is the first time that there are actually people who do have more than one pupil on their eyes which is called “polycoria” and I do find it fascinating. Another Fact: Did you know that yawning is very contagious? Whenever I saw someone yawning or even in the video, I also yawn, right away. Even just by thinking about yawn, I still can’t help it but to yawn too. I really do learn a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing this! 😀

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      Um I’ve sneezed with my eyes open or closed all my life. I don’t think sneezing with your eyes open was ever a problem for most people. Shutting ones eyes while sneezing is mostly just to prepare for the impact of the act itself. But it’s not necessary or something you have no control over.

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    So Cool to have blue eyesight when I was just infant! I wish I had though because in my place, it is very rare to have colored eyesight. We usually have dark brown or black since I’m living in a tropical country.
    But, having Hiccups that lasted for years, for 68 years to be exact, that is really impossible! and to know that there was someone living with that, is really shocking. I just hope he still enjoyed his life. And,its lovely to know that the child in the womb care for her/his mother even before she/he is born. It’s really awesome and so touching as well. So touching for me since I am pregnant right now. That makes me more in love and love my unborn baby girl.

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    Amazing! I never knew that our brain can hold up to 1 petabyte information daily. This video explained the details of human body parts and the functions of it. The great thing about this is, it happens to human being in real scenario and it makes sense. Now I know my part and will explore each functions to boost my power.

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