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How To Write Blog – Beginners Guide For Blogging Success

I have been blogging for more than 16 years ago since i started my first website, BiH Link and a lot has changed over the years.
At the time there was some blogs, there was no Twitter or Facebook, and the only way people could subscribe to a blog has RSS or e-mail newsletters. The bloggers kept blog rolls and generously linked to other blogs, even asking for reciprocal link. It was not so difficult to gain Google-s pagerank. You could submit site to few directories and visitors were start to coming in. By the time passing, there is more and more efforts needed to keep your blog in top shape…

How To Write Blog – Tips For Successful Blogging

I’m no expert on blogs, but probably the advantage I have is that I have been more than most in the economy. There are no secrets or magic wand that will bring success in the world of blogging, but it is a combination of luck, hard work and consistency.

If you are on Blogger or Tumblr or any other blogging platform, make your blog a favor and switch to WordPress. The process is not complicated and will definitely help in the long run, especially from the perspective of research. Blogger is powerful and easy to use, but the biggest drawback is that blocks all bots that it is not a page or post. The other problem is that Blogger is a Google product and mercilessly killed products in the past even had a large user base.

Content is king, but also need to call a good and interesting writing style to a worldwide audience to develop. Good writing is a gift that comes naturally to some of us, but if you happen to be in the other half, get some books.

Write blogs projects in an appropriate editor – Microsoft Word or Google Docs – culminating typos and grammatical errors that would otherwise make a bad impression.

Mimic the style of another person. You have your own personal style and your readers that follow, because they like his style. You do not need to imitate someones writing for a news agency. Put your personal thoughts in writing.

There is a lot of noise in the blogging world and there is a mad rush to signal something new. Take a step back and think – really add value or simply contribute to the soundboard? Probably to publish the work of classical blogs about news as it happens, but for the rest of us blog only if you have something interesting to say.

Use only good pictures or screenshots with your blog. This helps for two reasons, first when people share content on social networks, the story will be new RSS crowded because of this vignette. You can also use images to the attention of visitors from every part of the story you want to stand out and if your items are long, the images can function as a visual break points to win. And it goes without saying that you only use free images.

Research is important, but none of us knows how Google works. Use more than 200 factors to determine the functional lines of the page and only know a few of them. The fact is that as long as you have the basic duty, the cream will automatically rise to the top. Here are some things that I suggest in terms of SEO.

– Read the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing to know what to do and not for SEO. Follow improvement course Webmaster Academy and read the manual (PDF) from Google.
– An HTML site map to all pages of the blog are not more than 2-3 levels deep on the page.
– When writing your blog, always organize content under subtitle using the anchoring elements (similar to Wikipedia) and their images are have titles and subtitles.
– Interlink content for human visitors and search engines can find the stock of gold in their files.
– The position of the extract is important, as they appear fragments research and social news feeds where your items are shared. I do not automatically generate the abstract, write it on your own.
– Keep up to correct all missing links on website (404 error) or redirect to related resources for something on the spot. Xenu is a good tool to find broken links on your website.
– Use the menus and breadcrumbs, the search bots to help understand the organization of the content on your site.
– Focus on typography, because the reading experience issues. Use Google Fonts and Open Sans and Roboto because they look good mobile and desktop.
– Each page of your site consists of two parts – the content (articles) and common content (sidebar navigation, footer, etc.). As much as possible, the content must be about the common content in the HTML of today.
Make sure your web design is sensitive and that its mobile website testing problems. Work on improving your sensitivity of the site, asynchronous load display and remove all the bells and whistles (such as JavaScript widgets) to your pages.

Tere is more…

Use an e-mail service flows for newsletters you organize your day / week. Instead, create your newsletter by hand and always put a summary in the email subject – this will greatly improve the open rate of your newsletter.

Perform returned the first drive and later. Advertising is important, but if you only focus on trade will be difficult to build a loyal fan base. AdSense, BuySellAds, Blogads are good ad networks, but stay away from networks that fraud complaints. Remember that you are the visitor viewed, for what ads are on your site responsible.

How to make money with blogging?

Spread the good and useful content itself, but sometimes can start in your niche and other bloggers. The other group of people you should not waste your blogs and commentators who have shared their stories earlier on social sites. Love your blog and will be happy to evangelize again to prevent their contents.

Your page “about” is the ability to turn a new visitor into a regular. Show your best things, a link to their legends, make it easy for people to subscribe to your content and include references in the media – is that your credibility for someone who does not know, make Bio.

Lists listicles or, as they are best known in the world of blogging and journalism are the best way to generate traffic. They are easier to analyze and therefore read people like. Lists are just too much to make it, but if you do, lists publish blog entries on the basis that can push their audience.

Keep you update to remain relevant and up to date your old articles. If something useless, will be removed permanently.

Google is not sharing more searches with you, but internal research data – which can be downloaded from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Custom Search – will help you, these types of solutions are the people looking at your site. Then you can go further. Use the CSE logging automatically highlight important pages on your internal search results.

You can attract the attention of other website owners by linking to attract them – your blog in your traffic logs may appear to verify your site and help spread the word to your audience. Like the BBC, you can also add depth to their posts by. Links to other sites that have written about the same topic, but perhaps a different perspective A site that links to sources and research quoted are seen by the search engines as more authority and confidence.

Views get an ego boost, but the most important metric number returning visitors, bounce rate and the time people spend on their pages. When they land on a page and let in a split second, you need to diagnose the cause – may the information on the page is not found, perhaps the title does not say exactly what the page is about maybe your site is slow or the police should be held responsible.

Plagiarism is a problem and tranquility. You can remove the content of the DMCA, but if a favorite place was, I would not worry too much about plagiarism. Instead, the energy can focus on creating more content.

Just be your self, put your mind and your soul in your blog, rise it like your own child and you will be successful blogger.

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    This article should help people that are searching information about this topic. There are writing sites that are considered to have a blogging platform. These types of writing sites can help writers learn more about blogging. It is like keeping a diary and sharing all the secrets that are within it, in my opinion.

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    Blogging is one way alternative for those people who would like to share different things that may attract readers to visit their sites. They intended to write stuff’s that is related to current events or something that individuals can relate with. You are correct! writers should avoid Plagiarism because it will affects their score, I mean if someone found out that it is being copied form someone else, they will give out negative feedback on your site and that will decrease the trust of site to visit. Imagine this, if your Blog site had some type of ads and your visitors are more than hundreds everyday, there are chances that you may promote something to them.
    You should never leave your life decisions to who will and won’t give you a chance Nathalie. Your mindset should be to force your way into a space and then show those already existing within in what you have to offer. If it works out great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. But never leave the decision up to someone else.

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    Starting a blog is easy but runing one to become successful Is th hardest part of it. I own a blog and have gradually made it a successful one over the recent year so k can relate to th entire post. A blog is really a good start for someone looking to put ou their voic toHe public and earn a decent amount of money.

    Though i started my blog a little long whie ago, i just got accepted to adsense an it feels like a win alreay to me. Good post by th way. I think you nailed it wih th entire tips on how to run successful blog.

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    To run a blog successfully, you must find and choose a blogging platform most suitable for search engine optimization and must learn about content marketing and strategy. The most SEO technology oriented platform ever mentioned is WordPress.

    Using WordPress templates and themes is the first step to running a blog successfully. Other necessary steps such as posting contents regularly, engaging the target audience and so on will follow automatically.

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    Awesome piece and one that I would take to heart while thinking of starting my relationship blog where I would discuss ways couples and those that are already in a relationship can have blissful moments in their lives. Researching is one good aspect of a blogger which many shouldn’t undermine no matter how familiar we feel that we are with the topic we want to discuss. Doing extensive research before writing will send a positive signal to the readers on how good you’re with making valid points on the topic being discussed which is a good sign.

  6. 0

    The first and foremost thing to remember about blogging is that blogging is about writing. And more writing. So you start by writing. And writing. Regularly. That’s the other thing about blogging. It has to be regular to be meaningful. Kind of like your daily newspaper. You look for it every day. Or your Sunday newspaper. You look for it every Sunday. Same with blogging. When you have followers, they look forward to reading your next blog. So don’t disappoint your followers.

    Oh, did I mention that practice makes your writing better?

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    Starting a blog is a great step that could lead you to online success soonest if you learn deeply about the whole process before getting started. Though it involves certain technicalities, you will find everything simple if you get trained first. You don’t have to be a computer expert or an experienced internet user before you can become highly successful with a blog. People who don’t have your potential are doing it and succeeding. You don’t start in a day and expect to make the whole world in income the same day. You must learn about it first so that you won’t slide back when you get stuck. I know some people who are making between $12000 – $14000 in just three months or less.

    In starting a blog, you must bear in mind that it’s good to own a brand. Your brand is your website and your virtual real estate. There is no other business you can do in life that can earn you financial freedom like owing an online brand. Using a free blog will not let you gain online reputation and, therefore, will reduce your level of income online. Running your own customized website will boost your online presence and will make you an authority in your niche.

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    When creating your contents in your blog, be very wary of the words that you use. It’s because those words act as keywords. And keywords are used by your target demographic when searching things online using search engines. So if you want your blog to be on top of the list, you should use keywords that are mostly used when searching online about the niche of your blog.

  9. 1

    Thanks for sharing this tips. I find the tips on how to make money with blogging to be very helpful and I will also apply them.

    Reading books is really essential. When I started out blogging, I never used to paragraph my work since I felt I was not a writer and would probably not dream to be one. I have learned a lot this year and I agree that mimicking other writers can help but we still need to have our own style of writing so our content can be unique.

    You claim you are not an expert in blogging but 16 years is a very long time and I can say you qualify to be an expert. Thanks again for this wonderful post.

    • 1

      LOL.. I have seen some beginners calling them selves experts, while i think that there is always something more to learn and feel like i need to do much more to become expert. But thanks for your thoughts anyway 😀

  10. 1

    A fellow blogger here and I remember when I started out! First of all, it took me a long time to even build up the courage to start writing articles for others to read because I was just so scared of getting judged. I kept wondering, “What if nobody will read?” “What if people won’t like my writing style?” and more. Then one day, I just had enough. I bought the domain, got a nice simple hosting plan and began blogging. I realized that if you are true to yourself and write about what you’re truly passionate about people will notice it and begin visiting frequently.

    I always aim to primarily focus on creating good, unique content rather than just finding ways of monetizing my blog. I want my readers to have fun, learn new things, and so on. The ability to actually earn through it is the cherry on the top!

    • 0

      Very nice and i am glad to hear your begginer’s story, I bet that many other people fear the same thing without knowing how valuable they thoughts, experience or stories they would write, are to someone else. Many things on internet doesn’t interest everyone, but there is always some topic that will interest someone out there, so i invite everyone else to come over their fears of starting blogging. When you write from your own mind and soul, that will find a way to someone who is interested in your writing for sure!!!

  11. 0

    Thanks for for your intricate and informative article. I am thinking on creating my blog in blogspot, as possible I want to research and read more blogs in order to learn but I ended up having information overload. Honestly I don’t have enough knowledge about wordpress so maybe I can start with blogspot before switching to wordpress. I have just take it slowly. as to be a successful blogger I want to learn from blogger who has already many years of experience just like you. I don’t want to just write blog thinking that I can generate income from it, I want to motivate myself to offer something I really want to share to the best of knowledge.

  12. 0

    Blogging can be fun and also help you earn some online income but one of the pitfalls is when some bloggers become too controversial or to an extent, whiny. People I think like to visit blogs to get away from life’s stresses. Unless it’s a political blog or a blog specifically related to life coaching – the last thing they want to see is your blog filled with posts about “why your life sucks so badly” or “why this political party is the worst party ever.” If your blog doesn’t skew political or vent – it’s best you avoid those two things.

  13. 0

    Creating a blog is easy. You just have to register to a blogging website, write something about something, post it, and there you go, you already have a blog. But being a successful blogger is another thing. You can’t just write anything about anything without thinking and preparing for it very carefully. You have to create something that will create traffic, that will make people come back for more, something that will attract them and keep them attracted. You have to put a lot of time and effort in making a good blog constantly for you to be successful.

  14. 0

    I agree content is very important. Thanks for the information. I’m looking to start my blog soon. I’m pretty confused about what people expect in terms of content. You mentioned in your article, not to worry about plagiarism. The problem is managing to write original, yet engaging and useful content. Does anyone even know what original content is anymore?

  15. 0

    This is something that many new bloggers don’t understand, quality is more important than quantity. First and foremost, blog entries must be written for the reader and target audience. If visitors don’t find value, the website will have a high bounce rate and few repeat visitors.

  16. 0

    Thanks for this information about tips on blogging. Actually blogging is not my thing but I can see my self making blog, its just the fact that I don’t have enough time on it. I have Tumblr account in there I share my personal experience and thoughts about something (I don’t know if it is consider as a blog), maybe next time I should try in Wordrpress.

    • 0

      I also use Tumblr, but it’s way better to write your own blog (perhaps built on WordPress platform) then share your blog posts on your Tubmlr profile. That way you can monetize your postings by adding some advertising or affiliate links, while Tumblr is very good to engage people on your blog and boost it’s authority with their do-follow backlinks 😉

      • 0

        I am a beginner in blogging and recently started using Blogger. Upon reading your article I’m thinking of switching to WordPress. Haven’t tried using it yet but coming from an expert or from a very experienced blogger like yourself (since you don’t consider yourself as an expert and I like that), I know that it will be more effective and I’m looking forward to read more of your blogs and get tips and techniques to be a successful blogger.

  17. 0

    I did blogs and created a website before to drive more traffic,so that more people will see the product I am promoting. But my problem was creating more content consistently to my niche. I am still searching for the right niche for me so that I can easily right more quality content and help my readers. Because I believe readers read an article that are helpful for them. And I agree with you that blogging is a combination of luck, hard work and consistency.

  18. 0

    Blogging is one way alternative for those people who would like to share different things that may attract readers to visit their sites. They intended to write stuff’s that is related to current events or something that individuals can relate with. You are correct! writers should avoid Plagiarism because it will affects their score, I mean if someone found out that it is being copied form someone else, they will give out negative feedback on your site and that will decrease the trust of site to visit. Imagine this, if your Blog site had some type of ads and your visitors are more than hundreds everyday, there are chances that you may promote something to them.

  19. 0

    WordPress is amazing. The biggest benefit is that it is so flexible. You can have a normal blog or if you want you can expand your site a bit and even add a forum. And it’s such an easy software to use that you don’t have to be a professional to be able to use WordPress. About your point regarding Microsoft Word, you could even use Grammarly which will check your post content whilst you are typing it out on your blog. It will make sure to highlight any spelling and grammatical errors.

  20. 0

    In blogging, other things you should really think about is what you really like, what you’re interested in, and how much time you can invest in your blogs.

    This is a great article. I really want to try blogging but because there are a lot of blogs in existence today, I’m worried that no one would even give my blog a chance. And if that happens, I will just be wasting my time.

    I hope you can share more contents about blogging and related topics. It would be helpful if you could also include important tips for beginners. Thank you!

    • 0

      Well unselfishly i am trying my best to share my long experience regarding many things about blogging, digital marketing, SEO and other topics, but i am sometime tight with time so write all i have in mind to share 🙂 However in future i will continue to share my knowledge, but also if you have some specific question, you can always ask

    • 0

      You should never leave your life decisions to who will and won’t give you a chance Nathalie. Your mindset should be to force your way into a space and then show those already existing within in what you have to offer. If it works out great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. But never leave the decision up to someone else.