How to make money online while traveling

Working online usually gives you the freedom to wander around the world and work throughout your journey. There are actually a lot of people that do this, but it’s not like what you’ve read about in success stories, they are just working from home and going on vacation whenever they want.  I’m actually able to pick up and leave whenever I want because I just have to bring my laptop with me and I can work whenever I want as long as I have an internet connection.  

One of my main sources of income is through my SEO company and a close second it from my content writing services.  My SEO team can handle everything if I happen to be offline for a week, and everything will run just fine because I chose them based on their backgrounds and they’re not new to the game.  My writing service is a little different though, since I have to send content to my clients around the world, and my SEO team doesn’t handle this task so I have to be online at some point.  The beauty of this is that I can write up all the content on my laptop, regardless of having an internet connection or not, and send the content to the clients when I do happen to get a connection

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