Parallel Profits: An Honest Parallel Profits Review

If you have not heard the news on the latest marketing program, you might be in for a treat. Parallel Profits is the new kid on the block and is getting tons of buzz. The part that makes this “BUZZ” even more intriguing is that the business won’t launch for nine more days, yet so many people in the entrepreneurship world are extremely excited about it. Created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the two have already reached millions of dollars with their prior business ventures. Both coming from a successful background, they quit their jobs once they started to make serious money online. When I say serious money, I mean in the millions of dollars.

They started the 100k factory, as well as the 7 Figure Cycle. They are both ways to help their students become successful through affiliate marketing and E-Commerce. Those are some of the biggest niches in the online income game and Aidan & Steve have mastered them. They taught people how to get tons of free traffic to their websites and online stores. The 100k factory was the first version, and the 7 Figure Cycle was sort of the 2.0 version. They created a system that builds as large and fast as possible, in the shortest time one possible. The 7 step process includes:

  • Identify suppliers
  • Scan their listings
  • Pin-point your winners
  • List the winners
  • Prepare your shipment
  • Send inventory to FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

Profit & get paid

They were able to help hundred of students without the use of facebook ads, branding, waiting for products, buying products up front and many more common problems associated with E-Commerce.

Parallel Profits is not out just yet, but what we do know is that they say it will be the fastest way for people to have a good work from home income that can replace your job. The doors are currently closed and when the product does officially launch on January 29th, it will only be available for a limited time. It is a system based on selling high ticket items. With this method people can have less than ten sales and generate a one hundred thousand dollar year. Aidan & Steve will be working directly with the students and train them hands on like a franchise. The entire business structure is already set up so you can skip all of the beginning steps like domain names, websites and much more. There will be a lead capturing system, and no need for face to face selling. 100k a year breaks down to $430 dollars a day. Making 100k is not as hard as it seems as long as you have a good product. Timing is everything. This high ticket program is $4,497 one time or 3 payments of $1497. This will be a clickbank product so it will be safe to pay. Clickbank is very large and one of the most reliable online marketplaces. Steve & Aidan have a huge authority already and have proven themselves time and time again. To get started with something like this when it just comes out can easily be life changing for the better. Timing is everything and if your on it first, you will be on top. Only 9 days away until this product becomes the next big thing in the marketing world. Some people will jump on board and some will be left behind, but thats how business has always worked. Stay on the lookout for Parallel profits. This one is gonna be BIG! It will be launched January 29th on Clickbank. We will be offering great bonuses as well so feel free to save this page and come back on the 29th if you are ready to get started on the launch day. 2019 is gonna be a good year!


By Profits with Dan

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