Top 5 Prom Makeup Tutorial Videos

Top 5 best prom makeup tutorial videos will show you how to do makeup for prom by your self, step by step, easy and fun.

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Hey Guys! I'm Danica and I am from the Philippines! 🙂 In this video, I show you how I did my makeup & hair for prom. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video! Don't forget to like 


Hey Beauties!!!!Today I wanted to show you my affordable prom makeup that I would do if I were going to prom!!

#3 PROM Makeup Tutorial | EASY GLAM

Hey guys! So in today's video I thought that I would give you an idea for a prom makeup! You guys have been asking me to do a video like this for so long,and it's finally here! It's neutral and glam and very easy to achieve!

#4 Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! This video teaches you how to achieve a natural, soft and pretty makeup look for prom. I've done two prom videos before but they were a little heavier, so I thought I would create something a little more wearable for those you don't like wearing much makeup!

#5 How To Do Makeup – Tutorial For Beginners

In this makeup tutorial for beginners you can see how to do makeup for day or night, makeup for school, makeup for your date or even makeup for prom or wedding. Every day makeup routine is fun and easy as you can see in this DIY makeup tutorial.

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