top digital marketing trends 2019

Top digital marketing trends 2019

Imprtant SEO tips included

Top digital marketing trends are constantly evolving and to keep your website up to date with all SEO trends and search engines algorithm changes, you need to follow up with upgrading your website capabilities and features. Main things to focus on quality over quantity, specially to keep in mind latest Google algorithm changes in 2019.

Years ago you could automate many SEO techniques and use some sort of software or web services to make millions of backlinks to your website, use article spinners and other techniques to improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic web traffic from them, but nowadays, such techniques can get your website blacklisted on Google and other search engines, because they all want to point out original and quality content written by original authors.

So what are top digital marketing trends in 2019 you need to focus on?

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Unique And Quality Contents
To keep Google and other search engines interested in your contents and make them ranking better and better, you will need to write unique and quality articles, while also looking to point out nice amount of targeted keywords within content, specially when you want to overtake your competitors in ranking on Google.

Everithing would be easier for you if you targeting low competition keywords. But also remember to target long tail (multiple words) keywords for even better results. Single word keaywords and high competition keywords would obviously take much longer time to rank.

The rest of tasks to do is same as always, after publishing, build some quality backlinks to your article, promote your article on social media networks to start driving visitors to your new content, and keep watching metrics of article ranking on search engines. If need, you can also edit your article for better performance.

Building Quality Backlinks
As i mentioned already, you always need some or many backlinks for your front page, but also for every article on your website, but you need to know which backlinks are right for your content! Right backlinks would be from niche related website with higher authority, while you need to link right keywords to your article. For example, if your article is about Top Digital Marketing Trends, then it would be better to link same sentence from some website (to yours), then link “Read more” to your article. This little thing is good to keep in mind because search engines weight this too, and every single bit are counted when algorithms ranking your contents. Also be careful and avoid any black hat techniques, backlinks from low quality websites, or specially backlinks from websites banned by Google.

Use SSL Certificate
One of Google algorithm points is also SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which adding HTTPS prefix to your domain name, so it would be smart to use and to not avoid Google’s priority for such contents and websites. Even if you not selling anything on your website, or using any payment options, your keywords would rank better when you have this option enabled on your website. This is not major ranking factor, but every single bit counts when you beating your competitors.

Mobile Friendly Design
Mobile friendly or responsive design is on top SEO and digital marketing trends for last few years, but now even more with “mobile first indexing” priority by Google crawlers.

Year after year, there is more and more people using mobile phones to browse internet and that’s why Google want to prioritize “mobile friendly websites” over those which are not using responsive designs.

As the time pass, more and more things are getting involved in SEO techniques and more of them you use, the better ranking you can get, but this four things are really top digital marketing trends in 2019 which must not be avoided.

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