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Tutorial: How to Rank YouTube Videos on the First Page

Today we’re talking about YouTube ranking tips and specifically five tips for ranking your videos on the first page of YouTube. And if you have gotten value out of trainings like this, can you smash the share button and maybe tell somebody about this training because I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

My passion is helping you build your influence with online video and growing your audience.

Today we’re gonna be actually talking about 5 tips for ranking videos on page 1 of YouTube and how to turn views into income.

First let’s define what is a ranked video. Well YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and right now there is over 2 billion monthly logged in users with the gmail account accessing this site called YouTube. That is a massive audience, so you want to grow your influence, you want to get views, you want to get subscribers etc…

I know it feels like YouTube is competitive and it really is, but what we need is an edge, we need a way to get discovered and that’s why I love YouTube search and ranking videos, and it really all starts with people coming to the search bar. It’s a search engine and people are looking for things, they’re
typing in questions, they’re typing in terms, for example they might type in “best camera for YouTube” etc…

So, our power question is how do i leverage the search and discovery power of YouTube? That’s what you’d want to be asking yourself like how do you tap into those two traffic sources and so that’s we’re gonna talk about today.

I’ve got three big tips and I’ve got the five tips specifically about ranking so let’s dive right into them.Research before you record video.

Before you record a video you always got to do your research first. So when you research, what you want to do is, you can go to the YouTube search bar, start typing and then you see these predictions, so when you type in “home school”, you can see home school routine, home school morning routine, home school curriculum and so one of those terms is home school versus public school and you can see that term there and actually this tool tells us that thirty six hundred people are looking for that search term a month. Pretty powerful that tool by the way is called It’s totally free. It’s a plugin for Chrome or for Firefox and that’ll let you see all this information. So when you research, before you press record, you can make strategic decisions.

So what happens then? Someone types that in and sure enough we got a ranked video and it’s got over 70,000 views.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay consistent with publishing new videos on YouTub. What I love about ranked videos is that they work for you when
you’re not working. If you have strategic rank videos you can still have make a massive impact on your channel so here’s the five things that I’ve been focusing on lately. Things are always changing with the algorithm. What used to work doesn’t necessarily always work! So here are the five things that I focus on the most.

The first one is you want to identify your target keyword phrase. You got a research before you press record and you got to identify what is even the
very topic you want to talk about and so just like other YouTubers did. For example, Lynne research for home school versus public school she hadn’t shot a video yet. She identified that that was her target keyword phrase number two. You want to craft a title that is optimized for humans but is based on that keyword phrase so the new kind of school. Thing is, in the past you would want your titles to be literal based on your keyword research. That’s not really true anymore. You want your keywords to be in your title crafted into your title but you really want to be talking to humans and I’ll share an example about that in a second and that’s a definitely a new update you want to pay attention to.

Number three includes your primary keyword phrase and support keywords in your description and tags, so now you want to make sure you know what your primary keyword phrase is, like home school versus public school, but then you want to support anything else related to that keyword phrase and make sure that that’s included in your description, in sentences and paragraphs. Include it in your tags to really let Google know what your video is about and that brings us to number four.

Number four, you want to optimize your content. And what is your content on YouTube? It’s your video. Now that’s a massive point. It’s not just about you know good titles and tags and description. The content is king and how you structure your video, what you say in your video, how you optimize your video to also be being discovered by new people. Because if people are typing in something and finding your video, then they probably haven’t met you yet, because they’re searching for something, they’re finding your video as an answer and so you want to optimize your content to consider a lot of different factors. But you need to pay attention to that number four.

And the number five you want to craft a clickable thumbnail and thumbnails are more powerful than ever before. I actually lately have been spending a lot more time and ever increasing time on thumbnails. If you have the best content in the world but nobody clicks through to actually watch it, then it’s not gonna make an impact. It doesn’t matter if that’s three minutes in your video, it’s absolutely life-changing if nobody actually starts your video and then actually watches it. So you’ve got to craft a clickable thumbnail.

Well optimized videos keeps getting viewed even though we made it months ago, and it’s probably a little bit less traffic now but it continues to get views even when we work or not. That’s why I love ranked videos. I love YouTube the most. Even over all the other social media platforms because it’s the only social network that is a search engine!

OK, that brings us to number two. What gets measured, gets improved. If you want to get better at ranking videos, and ranking videos on the first page of Google you’ve got to be looking at your analytics more. Looking at YouTube studio beta and improving and making small tweaks because I’ve learned that small tweaks lead to giant peaks on YouTube. Fact on YouTube, minutes matter most.

After researching for right niche, title, keywords, description and other tips listed here, it’s time to record your video, but for better video ranking you need to do few more things before uploading it to YouTube, to make sure your video will rank high and beat your competitors. Here is my video tutorial to watch the rest of process you need to go trough

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