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What Is Guest Posting, How To Do Guest Posting and How It Helps Your SEO

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Guest posting is when you publish blog post on someone’s else blog or website while in the post you include backlink to your website. It’s recommended that blog is niche related to your blog. Guest Posting Is High Quality Link Building Process And Google Loves Quality Guest Posting.

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First Of All You Will Get High Quality One Way Back-links From Authority Websites. Second Most Important Thing You Will Get High Quality Targeted Traffic To Your Website.

When it comes to guest blogging, there are more moving parts than you would think there could be.  Most people think that you can just write up some content and send it off to be published, but it’s much more difficult than that.  High authority blogs and websites get dozens of submissions each day, which means you will need to stand out from the pack if you want to keep getting your submissions accepted by the good blogs within you niche.Usually when you get a few dozen submissions up and running you get offered a paying gig to write up content for the website you submitted to, but don’t bet on it.  I’ve been writing for a very long time and I’ve been offered a few positions at companies as their head blogger, but usually they wanted to offer me something along the lines of $10 per post, which is not much for the quality of my writing, so I had to turn them down.  Anyway, lets get into it

Getting your guest posts accepted is never an easy thing, but with the 8 points I covered above, at least you have a better fighting chance now   You’ll get rejected more often than you’ll get accepted, be ready for that, but don’t let it beat you down.  Rejection is a part of life and the most successful people are the ones who got up one extra time.  You could fail 10 times and succeed on your 11th or you could fail 1,000 times and be a millionaire on your 1,001 try.  You never know how long it will take before you start to see your actions breed success, so stick with it and get your guest posts out there on every niche related website and blog.

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