How To Do YouTube SEO For Better Video Ranking

Full YouTube SEO And Video Ranking Tutorial

YouTube SEO is important part of video ranking for everyone who want to be found on YouTube or via search engines. But… If you already spend all the time to record video and upload it to YouTube, then why not spend few more minutes for video optimization and become competitive in search results of YouTube or search engines. If you made your efforts to record and upload then do it for reason to be watched. And specially if you monetizing your video, then YouTube SEO and video ranking is a “must do” task, in order to earn money from video advertisements.

Video ranking and optimization is not big deal to do. You just have to know right things to do before and after uploading and if you done it right, your video ranking will be right too. After some time, when you become more experienced, you will learn how to choose different keywords, tags, titles and descriptions for better video ranking.

I published this video tutorial on YouTube where you can learn all things you need to do to make your videos YouTube SEO optimized and well ranked, so please watch whole video where first half explains what needs to be done to optimize video and second half explains how video ranking algorithm works, so you can understand why is what.

YouTube Video SEO And Video Ranking Tutorial

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Video By Abid Nevesinjac

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